Cover Reveal: Soft Focus by Christina Dennison

SOFT FOCUS by Christina Dennison Cover reveal: Feb 7, 2019 Pre-sell launch: Feb 7, 2019 Book release: March 11, 2019

Blurb: The second volume of the Francesca Trilogy picks up where Paparazzi left off: photographer Francesca Garancini has left her soccer star boyfriend and is adrift in Istanbul. Soft Focus traces the challenges she faces in a new relationship, trying to square her beliefs and values with a captivating new love. Longer blurb FRANCESCA IN ISTANBUL A gilded suite perched above the city, its glittering lights scattered at her feet. In the early days of her romance with the secretive Selim, heady and intoxicating like the city itself, Francesca can’t resist infatuation. She knows it’s wrong, but it feels so right. So what if he goes home at night to his wife and children? FRANCESCA IN MILAN Her best friend has a new baby, her assistant is absorbed with his boyfriend, her mother is displeased with Francesca’s choices. And her old friend Bruno shows up at the most inopportune times, like at a party where she’s supposed to be celebrating her single self, not escorting a nerd. FRANCESCA IN FREEFALL In the middle of the Mediterranean, Francesca’s sun-kissed, perfect world starts to slip away. Photographers descend on her yachting holiday, capturing her in an unflattering light with an inappropriate companion, and the waves become a full-blown tsunami by the time she’s back home. Suddenly, she’s contemplating decisions she never thought she’d have to make, and this time, they’re irreversible.

Christina Dennison biography Christina Dennison lives in New York City. She discovered a copy of Judith Krantz’s novel Scruples on a high bookshelf when she was young and has been writing ever since. She does her best writing on planes, eats pasta unrepentantly, and loves a stiff Negroni in a dark cocktail bar.

Soft Focus is the second book of the Francesca Trilogy; the first, Paparazzi, was her debut novel. Please email for a complimentary copy of Paparazzi. About the cover: designer Mary Banas is nominated for a Grammy award for her recording package for Mitski’s “Be the Cowboy”. She also designed the cover of Christina Dennison’s Paparazzi.

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