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Marble isnโ€™t the only thing thatโ€™s hard at this museum.

His body is as chiseled as Adonis. His lips are as sculpted as David. And his ego is the size of the Guggenheim.

You know the typeโ€”wolfish smile and the gravity of a black hole. The kind of man who sucks all the air from the room the second he enters it. My cocky boss thinks this internship was wasted on me, and he doesnโ€™t hesitate to let me know.

But heโ€™s wrong, and Iโ€™m going to prove it to him. If I can stay away from his devil lips, that is. Lips that cut me down and kiss me in the same breath, leaving me certain heโ€™s on a mission to ruin my life.

And maybe my heart, too.