If you didn’t get the chance to catch me going LIVE that’s okay, I will try and do more of them! I am always up for helping out & enjoying this ROMANCE COMMUNITY! Which by the way R O C K S!


  • Everyone wants to know HOW i got my big following?!

A: Honestly, it all kind of went fast and started off crazy for me. I had already a lot fo friends that started following my bookstagram page, then I did my first giveaway involving FIFTY SHADES and BOOM is sky rocketed, then stopped. So I stayed active and up kept with all the releases & grew myself so to say. It’s a combo of STAYING ACTIVE, HASHTAGS, BIG Author’s Following Me & G I V E A W A Y S or being part of them!!

  • Why did you start your bookstagram?

A: In all honestly, I guess I wanted a new hobby, something to keep me busy and interested. I have already been reading since 2010 and did just that read and some times write a review but mostly I just enjoyed reading. I guess with being a photographer my brain kicked in that I would find joy in this. Reading & taking photos WHAT A GREAT COMBO for me!

  • How long have I been doing Photography?

A: Since 2010 I started off with Nature then morphed into People Photography and when I started with books I realized I enjoyed it as much! I guess it’s kind of like a bike cycle, once you learn you ALWAYS know! No, I have never taken a photography course in my life, aside from reading about the features and lenses which mainly came form word-to-mouth that’s it.

  • Where do I come from?

Not america! 😉 I was born in Bosnia but moved from Germany to the states many moons ago.


Now the book I chose was very easy for me because, I have already read it & the colors were something I know how to work with! Now, here is some before/after and info in between pictures.

Now this was taken with my phone (Samsung Note 9) & is un-edited! Notice how I put the props. You want to get it all in one shot but showcase everything!
EDITED version. Now I can’t give out A L L my secrets (p.s. play around and google for apps!) but this is my SIGNATURE edit & if you notice the difference of course, the colors.



The thing about photography is that unless you really are INTO it and understand it, me talking about the depth and features wont matter. Just know that the reason some of my photos look the way they do it because of the BOOK, PROPS, DEPTH, LENS, LOCATION & lighting! There is a lot that goes into my photography, I can’t help it to be honest I JUST LOVE TAKING PHOTOS! Don’t get me wrong there are days that I DO NOT FEEL IT and I refuse to even JUST take a photo because it’s not me!


ALL THAT SAID, LETS DO A GIVEAWAY! The giveaway will be hosted on my INSTAGRAM & there is a twist, want to enter? C L I C K – H E R E

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