BOOKSTAGRAMMER SPOTLIGHT! Britney @_britneys.romance.library_

Welcome to my BOOKSTAGRAMMER SPOTLIGHT, where I show some love to our fellow Bloggers, Bookstagrammers and common Romance Readers. I started this because while there might be a lot of us out there, each of us is different and unique in not just reading, photography, books…everything! A fun way to show some love & learn a little more about the romance community members!! Today we are featuring my #bookwifey and good friend IT’S Britney BITCH!

Name: Britney

About yourself: Well ok here we go, I am 30 years old, WHAT!! I know everyone tells me I don’t look it but I don’t care I am not ashamed of my age lol. I am married to my best friend, 11 years this June. We have a son who will be 5 in June as well. June is a very busy month for us as my husband has a birthday as well in June. I am born and raised in Tucson, Arizona, a desert girl for life. We just moved to New Mexico for my husband work (He is in the Air Force) and we are LOVING it here! I am a Scorpio and proud of it!! I have 1 older brother who is pretty cool, he is 4 years older than me. My favorite color is purple any shade of it I love. I am really into photography always have been and love taking nature pictures mostly. Another hobby of mine is cross stitching, been doing that for 15+ years, my great grandma and mom taught me. Also anything crafty I love to make things, which makes working at Hobby Lobby and awesome job for me lol. I just got that job after being a stay at home mom for 5 years.


Logo name? _britneys.romance.library_

Logo picture, if you have to available? Well the lovely lady doing this spot light made my logo for me that I LOVE!

How/Why did you come up with it? I wanted something book related but wasn’t really used too much, so I thought about what I really read the most and DUH that’s romance and I pretty much share every book I read so it is like a library HA!

When did you start Bookstagramming? What was the first thing you did? I started March 2018 but back then I was just sharing a book I read that I liked. Then my wonderful husband bought me my Kindle because I was reading a lot (thanks to my best friend who is a bookworm like me and was sharing, in her words, mommy porn books for me to read when Will was deployed).

Why did you start what you started? Influence? So after I started posting books that I liked and finding other people who liked to post about books on IG I started to get more into it and really looking up book accounts and what not. That was around July 2018 that I really started to get into it. As for influences I just started to really look at what other accounts were posting and how, that is how I found this lovely lady, The Guide To Romance Novels, and became friends with her. She is stock with me now for LIFE!!

Did you have any help at the beginning or winged it? I have to say in the beginning I was just winging it. Then when I really started to review books and learn more about bookstagramming I asked for help. The other lovely lady in my life is Nicole Rodrigues. She gave me my very first ARC (you NEVER forget your first lol) and was the first author to write me and asked to review her books. I was so honored and that got me really into the reviewing books scene. Then the 3 of us just clicked and became bookwives. They were the 2 to really help me out and still do!

What is your favorite part you would say and why? This whole community is just amazing! Whether it is other bookstammers or authors, big or indie, everyone is so nice and sweet. I haven’t had anything negative come from anyone in this community!

What platforms do you use (for things like posts on any of the social media’s? Or at least your favorite ones? I am only on IG now. I already changed my personal IG page to bookstamming and I didn’t want to post and annoy family on my FB page, so I just stick with IG. And I am hardly ever on FB anyways, so that is mostly for family that I don’t live by anymore to keep up with us.

What social media’s are you on? And do you have a favorite? Just IG

 Do you have any tips and tricks about blogging? I wish! I HOPE to start an actual blog one of these days, so if anyone have any tips for me pass them my way haha.

Have you had any bad/negative experiences on Bookstagram? None at all, other than the random or fake accounts that always add me then delete later.

What have you learned from blogging on a public platform like? That no mater how many other accounts that are out there that are doing the same thing you are, there is only one YOU! Everyone can post the same stuff but you put your own touch or spin on it to make it yours and different.

Do you have any goals that you haven’t yet been able to get to, concerning your account? Oh man this is a good question….I would have to say to be able to get a good amount of followers and to get on some PR listings.

What are some highlights or special moments that have happened, concerning your book blogging career? Other than meeting my bookwives and having their friendship, I would have to say getting authors that follow me whether they are big name ones or indie ones. I just love that the authors really love supporting the bookstagrammers just as much as we love to help and support them!

Do you think Bookstagram is an effective platform to express your opinion on books? YES! It is nice to put your opinion out there to help others who didn’t think that a certain book would be what they thought it would be or something that they would even consider reading. Also I love that if someone doesn’t like a book and they post THEIR opinion about it and others don’t agree with it, they don’t bash them for it or it helps me and others be like “Hmm maybe I won’t give this book a try or maybe I will just to see if I end up not liking it either.” Gosh I hope these answers are making sense to people lol.

What do you use camera vise when taking book photography? I have been only using my iPhone Xr because my computer was packed away, but now that we are moved into our home I might use my Nikon camera. Who knows I might just keep using my phone only.

Do you use your own props? Is there a fun or MAGICAL way you set it all up? (loc, props…) I love posting in my stories the “behind the scenes” of my posts. I try and stay organized with all my props, I have 3 bins full of all my fake flowers, lights, signs and other things. I am ALWAYS looking for more props when I am out shopping. I love going to the dollar store mainly to get props. I am going to try and make some book flowers here when I have the time.

Do you have advice for new bookstagrammers on how to start, be, and do? I would just say don’t try and copy someone, yes you can use other accounts to get tips and stuff but just be YOU. Do what you want to do and what you feel comfortable with. And never be afraid to ask for help with anything from another bookstagrammer. We all are here for the same thing and we love to help others, well most of us are (I haven’t found one yet that hasn’t been helpful).

Do you have any favorite Instagram accounts that you follow for books, inspiration, ideas…? I love A LOT of accounts, too many to name. I still look at other people’s accounts and get tips from what they are posting.

Lets talk about BOOKS!!

Tell us, do you know the exact amount of paperback you own? How about ebooks? (I suggest not to count because I did & I regretted it) Well I am going to count because you told me not too haha. 86 Paperbacks, I know that doesn’t seem like a lot but I really only got back into reading maybe 2 years ago. 105 ebooks, WHOA! BUTTT most of them are ARCs and 10 of them are the borrowed ones from Kindle Unlimited lol.

Do you prefer paper or kindle? I love my kindle because it is easier to carry around in my purse but I LOVE the smell of a paperback, crazy I know. There is nothing like having a paperback in your hands when reading. I go back and forth between the 2.

Do you know your first paperback/ebook? My first ebook was Jodi Ellen Malpas’s Beneath This Man, ugh that series is SO GOOD!!! As for paperback I would have to say one of my Nicolas Sparks books.

Do you remember your very first read? I don’t remember my first read but I remember when I really got into reading, it was my senior year of HS when my English teacher made us read a book every week then would ask us to bring it in and read a little bit and ask about what he read to make sure we really did read the book. So that really made me fall in love with reading. Back then it was any Sarah Dessen book. Then it turned into Nicolas Sparks thanks to my mother.

What is it that draws you to a book? (picture, blurb, author..or all?) I look at covers first, if it draws my eye then I will read the blurb or look it up to see if it has good reviews or if any of my friends have read it. If it is an author I absolutely love then I always end up getting the book because I know I will love it because I love the author.

Do you have a favorite genre you read? And which one? Romance. Pretty much anything romance. I don’t really do dark romance, it depends on the kind of dark romance it is.

What is your ideal bookboyfriend like? (looks, actions…) Right now it is Jack Hawthorne from Marriage for One by Ella Maise! UGH that man, I fell in love with him right away! Go read that book if you haven’t.

Do you have a real life bookboyfriend? And if so, care to share a pic of two of him? Oh man, you are going to hate me because you are always on my case to pick one but I never can!!! There are too many to pick just ONE! hehe

What is your favorite part about a story? (the beginning get to know each other, the sexy scenes, the middle right before the peak…) Well of course I love the sexy scenes I mean DUH. But I really love the get to know each other and the build up of the story. It really helps me to get into the book.

What book are you currently reading? The ARC for Never & Forever By: Gabrielle G, comes out May 15th and so far I am loving it. Only up to Chapter 10. Super good.

Do You have a favorite book quotes from any recent or previously read books you’d like to share? It is from Marriage for One, I don’t remember it all but she says something that she still hates him or she hates him and will never forgive him and he goes “I know but I still love you anyways.” I mean SWOON!!!!

How long does it take you to read an average book? Normally if I don’t have a little man bothering me every minute or any housework in the way, it takes me a day or 2 to finish a book. Now that I am working we will see how well I can get a book done.

How many reads per week do you think you read don an average? Oh man if they are ARCs I try and get them done on a timely manner, so 2-3 books a week maybe. If it is just fun reading for me it takes a little longer but 1-2 a week.

Have you ever considered writing a book? If so, why, how, when and who?! Hehe BAHAHAHAHA NOPE! I am sure you can tell by my writing skills in these questions I am not made to write, I am made to read haha. I will GALDY be a beta reader for people.

Who is your favorite author and why? (you’re welcome for this one *smirk*) Ughhh WHYYYY!!!!! I have wayyy too many favorite authors out there. To name a few, Kennedy Fox, Piper Rayne, Nicole Rodrigues, Ella Maise, JEM, Nicolas Sparks, Maya Banks, Tia Louise, Shanna Swenson and soo many more! If I could name all of you I would. These are just the start of that list!

Now, the real important question -> What is your favorite book & why! I would have to say any of Nicolas Sparks books. His books were my first romance books that I read and I have read all of them expect that last few new ones he has came out with. IF I had to pick one of his it would be The Last Song! Gah that story was beautiful, better than the movie FOR SURE!

Do you have any magical words for everyone out there?! Just be you, I know I have said that a lot but it’s the truth. Follow your heart and post whatever you want to post. Don’t think about what others are posting or if people will like it, if it makes you happy and you love it then POST IT! And be happy, that just goes for anything in life. I always try and stay positive and smile all the time! 


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That concludes this SPOTLIGHT, thank you Britney & look out for more to come!!

Release Blitz Marriage for One by Ella Maise

Release blitz banner-2.jpg

Marriage for One, an all new contemporary romance by Ella Maise, is Live!

Marriage For One.jpg

Note to My Past Self : Do NOT get married to the handsome stranger.

Jack and I, we did everything backward. The day he lured me into his office-which was also the first day we met-he proposed. You’d think a guy who looked like him-a bit cold maybe, but still striking and very unattainable-would only ask the love of his life to marry him, right? You’d think he must be madly in love.

Nope. It was me he asked. A complete stranger who had never even heard of him. A stranger who had been dumped by her fiancé only weeks before. You’d think I’d laugh in his face, call him insane-and a few other names-then walk away as quickly as possible. Well…I did all those things except the walking away part.

It took him only minutes to talk me into a business deal…erm, I mean marriage, and only days for us to officially tie the knot. Happiest day of my life. Magical. Pop the champagne… Not. It was the worst day. Jack Hawthorne was nothing like what I’d imagined for myself.

I blamed him for my lapse in judgment. I blamed his eyes, the ocean blue eyes that looked straight into mine unapologetically, and that frown on his face I had no idea I would become so fascinated with in time.

It wasn’t long after he said I was the biggest mistake of his life that things started to change. No, he still didn’t talk much, but anyone can string a few words together. His actions spoke the loudest to me. And day after day my heart started to get a mind of its own.

One second he was no one. The next he became everything.

One second he was unattainable. The next he seemed to be completely mine.

One second I thought we were in love. The next it was still nothing but a lie.

After all, I was Rose and he was Jack. We were doomed from the very beginning with those names. Did you expect anything else?

availablenow FB1.jpg

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“Please face each other,” the officiant said, and I followed his instructions like a robot. Feeling numb, I let Jack reach for my other hand, and when his fingers gave mine a tiny squeeze, this time I met his questioning eyes. I swallowed, tried to ignore the little jump my heart gave and offered him a small smile. He was truly striking in a cold, calculating sort of way. I’d be lying if I said my heart hadn’t given a small jump the first time I’d laid eyes on him. Completely involuntarily. He had the strong-and-silent thing down pat. His equally striking blue eyes dipped to my lips and then came back to my eyes. When I felt him slowly push a ring onto my finger, I looked down and saw a beautiful wedding band with a half-circle of round diamonds staring back at me. Surprised, I looked up to meet his eyes, but his attention was on my finger as he gently rolled the ring back and forth with his thumb and index finger. The sensation was as alien as it could get. “It’s okay,” I whispered when he didn’t stop playing with it. “It’s a little big, but it’s okay.” He let go of my hand and the ring then looked at me. “I’ll take care of it.” “There is no need to do that. This is fine.” I didn’t know if Jack Hawthorne ever smiled. So far—the three whole times I’d seen him—I hadn’t been a witness to it, at least not a genuine smile, but I would have assumed if he was marrying someone he was in love with instead of me, there would at least be a small playful grin on his lips. He didn’t look like the grinning type, but surely there would be a hint of it. Unfortunately, neither one of us was the picture of a happy newlywed couple. I reached for his hand to put on his wedding band, but call it nerves, clumsiness, or a sign, if you will—before I could even touch his hand, the cheap, thin ring slipped from my shaky fingers and I watched it fly away from me in slow motion. After the surprisingly loud clinking sound it made when it hit the floor, I ran after it, apologizing to no one in particular, and had to drop to my knees so I could save it before it rolled under the ugly orange couch. Although the light blue dress I had chosen to wear was by no means short, I still had to put one of my hands on my butt to cover myself so I wouldn’t flash everyone as I caught the damn thing before I had to crawl on my knees. “I got it! I got it!” I yelled a little too enthusiastically over my shoulder, holding the ring up as if I had won a trophy. When I saw the unimpressed expressions around me, I felt my cheeks turn a bright shade of red. I dropped my arm, closed my eyes, and released a very long sigh. When I turned around on my knees, I noticed that my ringless, almost husband had made it to my side, already offering his hand to pull me up. After I got back on my feet with his help, I dusted off my dress. Looking up to his face, I belatedly noticed how stiffly he was holding himself—jaw clenched, the muscle tick definitely back. Had I done something wrong? “I’m sorry,” I whispered, thoroughly embarrassed, and got a curt nod in response. The officiant cleared his throat and gave us a small smile. “Shall we continue?” Before he could drag me back, I discreetly leaned toward my soon-to-be-maybe husband and whispered, “Look, I’m not sure about…you look…” I paused and released another long breath before gathering enough courage to look straight into his eyes. “We don’t have to do this if you’ve changed your mind. Are you sure? And I mean really, really sure you want to go through with this?” His eyes searched mine as we ignored the other people in the room, and my heart rate picked up as I waited for his answer. As much as I was reluctant to do this, if he’d changed his mind, I’d be screwed six ways to Sunday and we both knew that. “Let’s get this over with,” he said eventually. That was all I got. Lovely.

About Ella:

I’m a big dreamer. And that’s how it all started for me, really. Reading and dreaming. I love nothing more than to escape real life to find those very few magical moments in a book. I love how it has the power of stealing your worries away, putting a smile on your face even when smiling is the last thing on your mind. Crushing on fictional characters is also another bonus. Through my words, if I can manage to make even one-person smile, it means I’ve done my job well.

Writing became my world and I can’t imagine myself doing anything other than creating new characters and telling their stories. You know how some things simply makes your heart burst with happiness? A really good book, a puppy, hugging someone you’ve been missing like crazy? That’s what writing does to me. And all the hard work, all the sleepless nights, all the anxiety that comes with publishing…everything is worth it at the end.

Connect with Ella:







RELEASE BLITZ- Scoring with the Boss by Delancey Stewart

Title: Scoring with the Boss
Series: Mr. Match #4
Author: Delancey Stewart
Genre: Romantic Comedy
Release Date: May 9, 2019


Mr. Match has the formula for love. So why is he still single? 


Being Mr. Match has been fun. And while it’s nice that thousands of couples have found love thanks to me, that was never really the point. The one guy I most wanted to match?

Doesn’t have one.

Now the vultures are circling, and it won’t be long before all of San Diego finds out exactly who I am. And then the questions will begin. Why hasn’t Mr. Match found his match?

If I answer that one, it’ll discredit everything Mr. Match is, and call into question all the matches I’ve made so far. It’s time to step away.

But when the venture capital analyst arrives to help divest me of the business, I’m starting to wonder if love really is as easy as a mathematical formula. Because Tatum Archer does something to me that defies logic and confounds reason. I feel feelings for her, even though the algorithm says I shouldn’t.

Have I been wrong all along?


My life was set. Divorce, check. Kickass job, check. Enormous dog… well, okay, that wasn’t part of the plan, but Charlie is my sidekick now and I’m okay with that.

A weeklong trip to San Diego to help set up the sale of a matchmaking business sounds like just the kind of challenge I thrive on. I just didn’t expect Mr. Match himself to be quite so…



or HOT.

When my manager suggests I take over the company and stay in San Diego temporarily, it makes perfect sense from a business perspective. But getting involved with a client would be the end of everything I’d spent years building.

We have to keep things professional. Max assures me we’re not a match anyway.

So why can’t we keep our hands off each other?

* * *

Tatum Archer doesn’t date clients, and Max isn’t signing up for a romantic liaison that hasn’t been mathematically guaranteed. 

So why can’t he stop thinking about Tatum? Or about her ridiculously enormous dog, Charlie? Not that he’s thinking about Charlie romantically, of course. But the dog is part of a package deal. And maybe he’s thinking about Tatum a little bit romantically…

The final book in the Mr. Match series sees Mr. Match finally find his own match! Don’t miss the laughs in this hilarious series finale!

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It was time to take a step back from Mr. Match before I had to answer a bunch of questions I didn’t want to answer. Before the whole thing blew up and then tanked spectacularly because I was revealed to be a fraud. And so naturally, I had a plan. 
“You’re going to sell Mr. Match?” My sister Cat was lounging on the leather sofa in the middle of my living room. “It’s a goldmine! Why would you do that?”
I shrugged. “Maybe I’m tired of finding happiness for everyone else.” 
Cat’s eyes dropped to the ring on her left hand and then found me again. “Max,” she said quietly, looking sad. 
“No,” I said quickly, sorry I’d let too much show. That wasn’t my style. “It’s fine. It’s not even that. The whole secrecy thing is exhausting, and I think I’m pretty close to being outed, which would be bad for the business. Bad for me. And probably bad for the Sharks, too.” 
“You won the Cup last season, it would take a lot to hurt the Sharks,” she said. 
I stood just outside the sliding glass door that separated the living room from the patio and yard. My house was nice—big and open, lots of upscale touches and fancy appliances. But it felt cold to me, despite the almost constant San Diego sunshine, and I spent a lot of my time out on this patio. Less oppressive than that unfilled space. “Why do you care if I keep it, anyway?” I asked, turning to look back inside. 
Cat shrugged and stood up, coming out to join me in gazing over the grass beyond the patio toward the fence, which sat just along the curve of Mission Bay. The Isleys lived a few doors down, though I swear we didn’t plan it that way. “I don’t know,” she said. “It’s nostalgia, I guess. You always talked about figuring out how love wasn’t this complicated mystical thing. And then you did it. I just thought it would mean something to you, even if you never …” she trailed off, glancing at me and then sinking into a cushioned chair next to the teak table. 
My sister was one of the few people I’d confided in about my efforts at finding a match of my own. I’d been one of the first complete profiles in the database, but my file had sat there, gathering dust, for years now. The algorithm was built to match and weigh the most crucial aspects of someone’s personality, giving mathematical priority to those aspects statistically most likely to correlate to longevity in relationships. I’d tweaked the math multiple times over the years, and tons of happy couples all around San Diego, Los Angeles, and now Arizona, had benefited. But I had not. 
Cat sighed. There wasn’t much to say about my unmatchability. 
It turned out I was a fucking unicorn. And not the fun rainbow-maned kind with a cat riding on its back like a Viking conqueror, throwing glitter around. I was like a sad gothic unicorn, horn draped in black crepe and too much guy liner. 
“Are you thinking about that ridiculous unicorn analogy again?” Cat asked, interrupting my train of thought. 
“You’re not an emo unicorn, Max.” 
“Gothic. With guy liner.” 
Cat rolled her eyes and crossed her arms over her chest. “I have a novel idea for you.” 
“No.” I historically didn’t like Cat’s ideas, novel or not. 
She dropped her arms and leaned forward in her chair, widening her eyes at me and blowing out a breath in frustration. “Listen first, jackass. Then tell me no.” 
I lifted a shoulder in resignation. “Fine. Go.” 
“Why don’t we go retro? You can be a retro unicorn.” 
“I have no idea what you’re trying to say. Use your words, Cat.”
“Those were words.”
“Use different words. Ones that go together to make sentences that make sense.” 
“Listen,” she said, rolling her eyes. Cat and I couldn’t help reverting to grade-school banter when we were together. It was our dynamic. It drove Mom crazy, but when Mom wasn’t around, we reveled in it. “Why not try this dating thing the old fashioned way?” 
“You want to order me a bride in the mail?” I imagined a stagecoach rolling in, a frightened-looking Midwestern girl coming down off the steps in a hoop skirt. It turns out I have a very visual imagination. I do best when I keep my little imaginings to myself though. 
“No. Not like wild-west style. More like before the internet.” 
“They definitely didn’t have the internet in the wild west,” I agreed. I wasn’t eager to see where Cat was going with this. Distraction could work.
“Stop changing the subject. Distraction won’t work here.” Cat stood up. “I met an adorable girl at the gallery last week, and I got her number. You set me up on dates before I met Xavier, so now I’m setting you up.” 
“Definitely no,” I told her. “And I set you up on dates that had a high mathematical probability of working out successfully. That’s how you met Xavier, remember?” 
“Yes, but first you gave me Dr. Buttchin.” 
I smiled as Cat’s description of that date came back to me. The formula had needed tweaking back then. But you had to hand it to a guy so germaphobic he’d managed to find a place to buy condoms to put on the passenger seat of his car. “Still. Definitely no to the setting-Max-up thing.” 
“Definitely yes, you mean.” Cat had her phone out and was texting someone. 
“Stop. I’m serious.” This was not at all what I wanted. I stood and went to look over my sister’s shoulder, but she’d already hit send. 
“Her name is Julie. She was adorable, very inquisitive. You guys are probably perfect for each other.” Cat smiled like she had just achieved world peace.

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Author Bio

Delancey Stewart is an award-winning author who writes fiction with humor, heart and heat!

Get the first book in her new sports rom-com series — MR. MATCH — absolutely free by joining her newsletter here:

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RELEASE BLITZ – Unsteady in Love by Harlow Layne

Title: Unsteady in Love
Series: Fairlane #4
Author: Harlow Layne
Genre: Contemporary/Military Romance
Release Date: May 10, 2019


Everything I ever thought I knew about him, everything I thought he wanted was a lie.

Imagine one day calling your boyfriend, the love of your life, the man you planned to marry and have kids with only to find out his phone has been disconnected, and he’s joined the military.

How could someone love you if they ran away?

That was four years ago when he shattered my heart into a million pieces and today I find that same man on my doorstep… pleading for forgiveness and my hand in marriage.

Our relationship isn’t what I dreamt it would be. The only way to see it through is to keeping the past pain buried and protecting my heart. It shouldn’t be hard when he’s half a world away, but when tragedy strikes causing Holden to come back to me half the man he was when he left…

I must decide if he’s worth giving a second chance. With a past as checkered as ours, I’m not sure love will ever exist again.

Unsteady in Love is a stand-alone in the Fairlane series. The series has crossover characters from each novel. It is not required to read the books in order but it is recommended to enhance the reading experience.

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Free in Kindle Unlimited

Author Bio

Harlow Layne is a hopeless romantic who writes sweet and sexy alpha males who will make you swoon.

Harlow wrote fanfiction for years before she decided to try her hand at a story that had been swimming in her head for years.

When Harlow’s not writing you’ll find her online shopping on Amazon, Facebook, or Instagram, reading, or hanging out with her family and two dogs.

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RELEASE BLITZ – The Love Plan by Erica Marselas

Title: The Love Plan
Author: Erica Marselas
Genre: Romantic Comedy
Release Date: May 10, 2019


Meadow Lexington and Dexter Greene have been best friends their whole lives. They had each other’s backs through thick and thin, through devastation and happiness. Nothing could ever tear them apart.
After a drunken night of passion, Meadow thought for sure everything had changed between them for the better.
The next morning had to be something out of a horror movie or a cheesy romance novel.
It had to be. 
There was no way her best friend wouldn’t remember what they shared, what they confessed the night before… right?
Meadow Lexington needed a plan. A plan to help show her best friend that she was the one he loved.
That he could love her.
But what Meadow never realized was that old painful memories would arise, possibly blowing her plan out of the water.
Would Dexter ever accept that he is worthy of her heart?

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Free in Kindle Unlimited

Author Bio

Erica is a wife, a mother of four, and a tequila drinking smart mouth. When she’s not wrangling her children and trying to keep them alive, she’s writing. She’ll write anything from sweet stalkers, to forbidden love, to erotica, to rom coms to young adult because she believes no love story is created equal and every story deserves to be told. Even the fictional ones. As long as she can dream it, she’ll write it. 

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BOOK BLITZ – The Game Warden’s Mate by A.M. Griffin

Title: The Game Warden’s Mate
Author: A.M. Griffin
Genre: Sci-fi Romance/Space Opera
Release Date: April 9, 2019


The Hunter. As the new Game Warden, Xrez Ym’ihla brings patrons from across the galaxy to track prey in a game built to enslave the weak and mate the strong. The business is a long running family legacy and Xrez is determined to succeed as his father had before him. He hadn’t meant to let one human occupy his thoughts, mind, and body.
His lies may come back to haunt him, but if he reveals the truth, he’ll ruin his chance to capture the heart of the one he wants.
The Prey. Esme Valdez had her entire life planned from an early age. As a chemist, her life was average and mundane, just the way she liked it. Until the impossible happened. Never did she imagine being abducted by aliens and forced to participate in a survival of the fittest game called The Hunt. If she survives and makes it to the end, she’ll be freed. If not, she’ll be forced to mate the one who captures her.
Esme is determined to win at all costs, even if it means putting her trust in a sexy alien who taunts her in the most delectable way.
Their love was built on betrayal. Can she trust him with her heart and life?

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Xrez hadn’t intended for the female to see him. Not yet anyway. But after the mother and children left, he stepped from the cover of the trees and onto the bank of the river.
She talked under her breath about boyfriends and dating as she laid her clothes out to dry.
Boyfriend. A male friend. Boyfriend. A regular male companion whom one has a romantic or sexual relationship with. Boyfriend. An item of clothing for a woman or girl that is designed to be loose fitting or oversized.
Dating. When two people spend time with one another. Dating. To establish the date of an object or event. Dating. To indicate or expose as being old-fashioned.
Xrez frowned. The intelligence file he’d read on humans had warned their speech was riddled with nuances often hard to decipher. He’d found this true. He couldn’t understand most of what was talked about as he’d followed the group. Now he was confused yet again as she spoke about, “All the things I’m going to do when I get home.”
She went back into the water, deeper than she’d been before and dipped her head back. She hummed as she ran her fingers through her hair. He watched her for a while as she used her fingers to work out the kinks there. Then, as if in slow motion, she straightened. He knew the moment her eyes caught sight of him, panic and fear crossed her features. His female inhaled sharply.
When had he begun referring to her as his? When I started spilling my seed like a youngling every time I think of her.
 “I’m not here to harm you,” he said before she could bolt, hoping she didn’t try to run. And if she did…
The thought of chasing her down stirred within him. His blood spiked with adrenalin.
His predatory nature was already in hyperdrive. He hadn’t stalked and hunted in so long that his body thrummed with excitement. He felt more alive than he had in a long time. He now understood why hunters came from all across the galaxy to participate in the games and why they hunted for mates and companions. Xrez longed to have his needs sated. And he wanted her small, supple and soft body under him.
A sound escaped from deep in his throat.

Author Bio

A. M. Griffin is a wife who rarely cooks, mother of three, dog owner (and sometimes dog owned), a daughter, sister, aunt and friend. She’s a hard worker whose two favorite outlets are reading and writing. She enjoys reading everything from mystery novels to historical romances and of course fantasy romance. She is a believer in the unbelievable, open to all possibilities from mermaids in our oceans and seas, angels in the skies and intelligent life forms in distant galaxies.

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Title: Wild Thing
Author: JA Huss
Genre: Contemporary Romance
(Captive Submissive/Forced Marriage)
Cover Design: JA Huss
Photo: Sara Eirew
Release Date: May 13, 2019


Kidnapping her was the easy part. Now I’ve got to tame her.
Runaway corporate princess, Lyssa Baylor, was born with a silver spoon in her mouth.
But that’s not what I’ll be sticking in there.

Freelance princess hunter, Mason Macintyre, thinks he’s so tough with those bulging muscles. He thinks he’s so smart with his plan to tame me with spankings and submission. Well, I’ve got news for him. They don’t call me Wild Thing for nothing.  I’ve been playing unruly princess my whole life and I’m not about to stop now.

This was supposed to be a simple kidnap job. Catch her and bring her in so she can be married off to the son of a family friend. But once her father realizes the man he hired to reform his unruly brat of a daughter won’t be able to handle her, he blackmails me into completing the job.

No one blackmails me, I don’t care how rich and powerful you are. Her father might be untouchable, but Lyssa isn’t. I’m gonna touch her all over and punish her so hard, that forced marriage will be her only way out of my little princess reform school.


WILD THING is a smokin’-hot, sexy story of a runaway princess and her reluctant Prince Charming. A tantalizing tale of forced marriage, captive submission, and a hero who doesn’t know he’s a hero until he meets the girl he was meant to save.

Author Bio

JA Huss is the New York Times Bestselling author of 321 and has been on the USA Today Bestseller’s list 21 times in the past four years. She writes characters with heart, plots with twists, and perfect endings.

Her books have sold millions of copies all over the world, the audio version of her semi-autobiographical book, Eighteen, was nominated for a Voice Arts Award and an Audie Award in 2016 and 2017 respectively, her audiobook, Mr. Perfect, was nominated for a Voice Arts Award in 2017, and her audiobook, Taking Turns, was nominated for an Audie Award in 2018.

She lives on a ranch in Central Colorado with her family.

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