Release Blitz – Capture Me by Chelsea McDonald

Capture Me

By Chelsea McDonald

Release Date: May 20th (ish – this is my first live release, I’m not sure how long it’ll take)



Graceful, quick-witted, determined.

She was only young when she broke up with him, but it was the worst pain imaginable. Her only real comfort was thinking that there would come a day where the hole in her heart would slowly start to heal. The moment she realised that day wasn’t coming, she faked a smile hoping it would stick.


Strong, cautious, self-assured.

He watched her walk away with tears in his eyes and a sinking feeling in his stomach. He promised himself he would never be so defenceless again. He closed himself off, shut the windows and locked all of the doors – the only way he could think to protect his heart from ever getting hurt again.

He was supposed to be half way across the country, that’s why they broke up. She wasn’t supposed to look as stunning as the day she turned her back on him. She’s spent the years building up her walls and making them as untouchable as she can, while he ran – hiding away from everything that could ever hurt him. Can they both let go of their defensive instincts for a shot at their salvation?


“She’s an enchantress and I need not to be under her spell, no matter how addicted I am to her wickedness.” – Michael (Capture Me)

“If only my heart would listen, it continues to pound rapidly in my chest at the very thought of her.” – Michael (Capture Me)

“His lips finally press firmly against mine but immediately, I know it’s not enough. I need more. He’s a drug and I’m his addict.” – Ellie (Capture Me)



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