COVER REVEAL – The Truth About Tomorrow by B. Celeste

Title: The Truth About Tomorrow
Author: B. Celeste
Genre: Taboo Forbidden Romance/Age Gap
Cover Design: Letitia Hasser, RBA Designs
Release Date: August 2, 2019


Age is just a number.

Just like he’s just a boy and I’m just a girl.

Except that’s not true, is it?

Because fifteen may be a number, but it’s bigger than that. Bigger than us.

It’s a number that separates us.

An excuse that keeps us apart.

But I’m not willing to give in until I get what I want.

After all, how many other girls can bring a grown man to his knees with one little smile?

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Charlie / 16

The hands gripping my waist are the wrong size. They’re too eager, too desperate as they trail around my back and cup my butt. I don’t like them. I even push them away. But they always come back, gripping, kneading, demanding.
He wouldn’t do this to me.
His hands are perfect.
But he’s not here anymore.
The music gets louder, but not enough to drown out the memories I have of him—the feel of soft kisses trailing down my naked back, or a hand brushing through my hair, or hushed murmurs promising me we’d be okay.
I can’t do this.
Placing my hands over the stranger’s, I try losing myself to the music. His groin to mine, our hips swaying. It’s not enough though.
I need something else. Something more.
Just one more shot.
Just one more pill.
We used to promise each other one more day, because we knew it was wrong. Neither of us could give each other up. We were addicted.
“Charlie …”

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Author Bio

B. Celeste is the alter ego of Barbara C. Doyle.

Her obsession with forbidden romance enabled her to pave a path into a new world of love, sex, sin, and angst.

Her debut novel is The Truth about Heartbreak.

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COVER REVEAL – Royally His by Madison Faye

Title: Royally His
Series: Triple Crown Club #4
Author: Madison Faye
Genre: Standalone Contemporary Royal Romance
Cover Design: Coverlüv
Photo: Sara Eirew
Model: Mike Chabot
Release Date: July 1, 2019


Forbidden. Sinful. Scandalous. It’s a place where royal men come to share.
But the Triple Crown Club’s master has a singular, unstoppable, undeniable obsession: me.

The dark, dangerous, gorgeous, and possessive “Mr. X.” runs the most exclusive club on the planet. A place out of fantasy, where the world’s royal and elite come to play out their most forbidden desires.

But for an untouched princess like me? Well, I’d have nothing to do with a place like that, or a man like Xander Hunt.

…Except, he’s about to have everything to do with me.

See, my father, King Aldo, is at a war of sorts with Mr. X. But you don’t go up against the most powerful, shadowy man in the royal world without consequences. And now, there’s a debt to be paid, and Mr. X is about to collect in full.

And he’s come for me.

I shouldn’t be this excited to be his prize. When his big strong hands pull me close, I should scream, not melt. And when his forbidden, perfect lips whisper all sorts of filthy, toe-curlingly wicked things into my ear, I should run, not beg for more.

Ever heard of the fairytale where the Princess runs off with the gorgeous and irresistible King of the shadow?

…Well, now you have.

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99c for a limited time!!


Free in Kindle Unlimited

99c for a limited time!!


Free in Kindle Unlimited

Author Bio

USA Today and #1 bestselling contemporary romance author Madison Faye is the dirty alter ego of the very wholesome, very normal suburban housewife behind the stories. While she might be a wife, mom, and PTA organizer on the outside, there’s nothing but hot, steamy, and raunchy fantasies brewing right beneath the surface!

Tired of keeping them hidden inside or only having them come out in the bedroom, they’re all here in the form of some wickedly hot stories. Single-minded alpha hero, sinfully taboo relationships, and wildly over-the-top scenarios. If you love it extra dirty, extra hot, and extra naughty, this is the place for you! (Just don’t tell the other PTA members you saw her here…)

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RELEASE BOOST – Assassin’s Mark by Ella Sheridan

Title: Assassin’s Mark
Series: Assassins #2
Author: Ella Sheridan
Genre: Romantic Suspense
Release Date: June 24, 2019


I knew the minute I saw him that Levi Agozi was too perfect to be real. I didn’t care. He came to me, asked for me, and, dazzled by his dark good looks and the bad-boy aura surrounding him, I gave in. Willingly.

My father is set to become the next governor of Georgia, and he’ll use me to get there if he has to. He’ll hand me over, virginity and all, to the man with the biggest bank account and political pull.

I wanted something more.

I wanted Levi. And I had him—until I woke up, disoriented and confused, at his mercy. He’s a bad boy, all right. A sexy, deadly assassin. And I’m the pawn torn between him and my father, two powerful men intent on destroying each other.

I might not understand their war, but I do understand one thing: no matter who wins, I lose.

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“Get your ass outside right this minute, Abigail, and wait for Charlie to arrive. I won’t have you shaming this family.”
I was bringing shame to our family? Me? My father expected me to marry for his convenience, for the good of his political career, but I was the shameful one? I squeezed down on the cell, the sound of plastic creaking in protest satisfying something inside me that ached to burst free. Too bad I wasn’t strong enough to pulverize the damn thing.
And yet, a large part of me believed him. Always had. After all, if I wasn’t shameful, he would love me, right?
No. Wrong. You’re not going to let that bastard poison you anymore, Abby.
I wasn’t the Hulk, able to crush a cell phone with a single twitch of my fingers, but I was strong enough to drop it into the trash can full of wet paper towels and walk out of the bathroom without looking back. In the hall, the sight of Levi leaning against the wall, obviously waiting, hands stuffed into his pockets, brought me to an abrupt stop. My mouth went dry. I’d spent my life trying to please a man, and look where that had gotten me.
I was already bringing shame to the Roslyn name; maybe I should embrace the role instead of letting my father’s words cut me to pieces.
I moved closer. One side of Levi’s mouth tilted up, and he wrapped those big hands around my hips the minute I came within reach. A gravelly rumble escaped him, sinking beneath my skin and sending shivers to the deepest part of my being. Heavy-lidded eyes devoured me, shouting a desire I found hard to believe, but it was there nonetheless. Hunger. Pleasure. That look sent a surge of desperation so strong through me that I couldn’t speak if I’d wanted to.
It’s now or never, Abby.
I didn’t stop or slow. I moved into his space until my body was pressed firmly against his, lifted my chin, and met the lips that lowered to mine.

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Author Bio

Ella Sheridan never fails to take her readers to the dark edges of love and back again. Strong heroines are her signature, and her heroes span the gamut from hot rock stars to alpha bodyguards and everywhere in between. Ella never pulls her punches, and her unique combination of raw emotion, hot sex, and action leave her readers panting for the next release.

Born and raised in the Deep South, Ella writes romantic suspense, erotic romance, and hot BDSM contemporaries. Start anywhere—every book may be read as a standalone, or begin with book one in any series and watch the ties between the characters grow.

★ Anything can happen in the shadows of a sultry Southern night. Explore the heat with the SOUTHERN NIGHTS romantic suspense series.
★ Secrets and sex abound in the SECRETS TO HIDE contemporary romance series.
★ Dark desires come to the fore in IF ONLY, a BDSM contemporary series.

“The perfect blend of suspense and romance.” – Guilty Pleasures Book Reviews

“Ms. Sheridan writes suspense that grabs you and won’t let go.” – Tea and Book

“The perfect kind of naughty…with [characters] that have great chemistry.” – Alpha Book Club

“A great plot, likable characters, witty banter, and seductively wicked love scenes—the perfect recipe!” – Blogging by Liza

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Blog Tour Fight Dirty by Emily Goodwin

Fight Dirty - BT bannner.jpeg

Fight Dirty by Emily Goodwin

Release Date: June 27, 2019

cover fight dirty.jpg

Fight Dirty, an all new standalone romance novel by New York Times bestselling author Emily Goodwin.

Owen Dawson is one of Eastwood’s most eligible bachelors. He could have any woman he wants, but when it comes to settling down, he only has eyes for Charlie Williams, and he blew his chance with her years ago. While Owen is busy trying to convince everyone—and himself—that the playboy life is for him, Charlie is trying to put her life back together.

After discovering her fiancé was cheating on her, Charlie packs her bags, leaves her fancy New York job, and goes back to the one place she never thought she’d return to: home. Determined to start over and stay far, far away from men, the last thing Charlie needs in her life is her first love, Owen…and the old feelings that come rushing back the moment she lays eyes on him.

While Charlie swears to avoid romance of any kind, Owen is willing to do whatever it takes to prove he’s a changed man and win Charlie back…even if it means fighting dirty.

AN FB.jpg

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“Hey,” I say quietly, seeing her sitting up and looking at her phone. “You got the alert too?” She nods and looks up. Even in the dark, I can see the fear in her eyes. “Are you still scared of tornadoes?” I ask, stepping into the room. I shut the door so the cat doesn’t get out. “Terrified.” “I think it’s going to miss us.” She nods again, pulling her lips around her teeth. “Hopefully.” “Want me to sit with you? We can go into the basement if that’ll make you feel better too.” “If the sirens go off, I’ll go down. And yeah…I’d, uh, I’d like if you sat with me.” Crossing the room, I sit on the opposite side of the bed. Charlie puts her phone down and leans back against the pillows. “Do you think it’s pathetic I’m still scared of tornadoes?” “No,” I tell her honestly. “They are scary. You can’t do anything to prevent them or stop them. All you can do is hide.” “Exactly. And the energy gets me all jittery.” She holds up her hand. “I’m shaking.” I take her hand in mine, lacing my fingers through hers. “It’s okay. Try to go back to sleep if you want. I’ll listen for the sirens.” “Aren’t you tired?” “Not really. I closed down the bar a few times last week. My sleep schedule is always fucked up.” “That would mess with you, I guess.” She swallows hard, looking over me and out the window. It’s pitch black out there, and the rain comes down in sheets. Thunder and lightning tear through the sky, and the windows rattle. Charlie squeezes my hand a little tighter. “Bad storms tended to break up before they got into the city,” she says. “We had storms, of course, but no tornadoes.” “We won’t have one tonight either.” I give her hand a squeeze and settle down next to her. She’s still shaking, and it’s killing me not to comfort her more. Pulling the blankets back up to her shoulders, she wiggles a little closer. I don’t know if it’s on purpose or if she’s trying to get comfortable. Heart hammering, I pull my hand from hers and rest it on her waist. The blankets are between my hand and her body, yet it sends a jolt through me. She moves closer again, and this time I know it was intentional. She rests her hand on top of mine and slits her eyes open, looking up at me. “Thank you, Owen.” “Of course,” I whisper back. Her blonde hair is a mess around her face, and I turn off the light on my phone. The storm rages around us, but Charlie is safe in my arms. Her breathing becomes slow and steady, letting me know she fell asleep. It’s innocent and platonic, and I’m hit with the memory of holding Charlie while she slept off her first drunk experience. I’m working hard to tell myself that this doesn’t mean anything, yet I know this will be a new favorite memory of mine…even if it doesn’t lead to anything.

About Emily:

Emily Goodwin is the New York Times and USA Today Bestselling author of over a dozen of romantic titles. Emily writes the kind of books she likes to read, and is a sucker for a swoon-worthy bad boy and happily ever afters.

She lives in the midwest with her husband and two daughters. When she’s not writing, you can find her riding her horses, hiking, reading, or drinking wine with friends.

Emily is represented by Julie Gwinn of the Seymour Agency.

Connect with Emily:







Welcome to my BOOKSTAGRAMMER SPOTLIGHT, where I show some love to our fellow Bloggers, Bookstagrammers and common Romance Readers. I started this because while there might be a lot of us out there, each of us is different and unique in not just reading, photography, books…everything! A fun way to show some love & learn a little more about the romance community members!! Today’s feature is a very beautiful person and I really enjoyed reading more about her!! ENJOY!

Name: Aline Azevedo

About yourself: It’s always so difficult to talk about me hahaha! But here it goes: I’m a Gemini from São Paulo, Brazil and I have 24 years old. I study Portuguese and Italian on college and work at the second biggest library of Brazil! I love reading, writing, organizing stuff and learning new (and super different) languages! I have four dogs that matches my personality: CRAZY. I love rock, horror movie, glitter and learning new and random stuff! Oh, and my favorite color is blue! Nice to meet you!


Logo/IG name? @RomanticLit

How/Why did you come up with it? Well, actually my blog had a different name before, Uma Leitora, but there was already a blog with that name and at a certain time, I realized I was reading and writing so much about romance novels that I decided to direct my blog just to this genre. Then I made a really poor brainstorm with some of the keywords of the genre and came with RomanticLit, short for romantic literature.

When did you start Bookstagramming? What was the first thing you did? When I started doing book reviews it was on my blog on blogger. Sometime later I created accounts to RommyLit on social media and Instagram was the one I liked most. I love visual content and my followers interacted more in it, so I directed more time and creativity to IG. I don’t remember the exact time when I started, but in I think it was 3 or 4 years ago. I started with pictures of the books I bought and as promotion to the content posted on the blog.

Why did you start what you started? Influence? Mostly for promoting the reviews I wrote for my followers and for the authors and publishing houses of my country. Then I started making some content to IG and now huge part of what I create is focused on Instagram. I don’t remember a single influence, but lots of Brazilian bloggers that rocked the photo game ans inspired me to try and do something similar. 

Did you have any help at the beginning or winged it? Only for the reviews on the blog, but for the IG it was always only me.

What is your favorite part about BOOKSATGRAMMING and why? I LOVE when a picture catch my eye. I don’t know how to explain it, but when I see a book in a good picture it makes me automatically want to read it. I love how creative everyone is to create the set to the pictures, arranging color and objects and themes that matches the book… WOW I could spend my entire life talking about it. The other thing that gained me on IG was the practicity to interact with the people that like the same things that I like, and how people seems more open and inclined to really interact, give indications, expose their opinion… This makes the experience there much more rich and inspiring. 

What platforms do you use (this is meant for APP’s mainly, things like Canva and so forth.) I use mostly Canva (to create banners for the posts on the blog), VSCO, Repost for Instagram and Boomerang (one of my favorites). But I love trying new apps, so there’s always something different on the photos I post.

What social media’s are you on? And do you have a favorite? I’m on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Tumblr. For the blog my number 1 is Instagram, but personally I love Tumblr (even with the annoying changes), I search for lots of inspirations there.

 Do you have any tips and tricks about blogging?

  1. Post at least 3 times per week
  2. Create content. Photos, stories, questions, tests… Just interact with your followers. They’ll love it and will go to your straight to your IG when searching for news and good content.
  3. Use hashtags, but use it wisely. The right ones, not that much, AND USE HASHTAGS ON STORIES TOO! PLEASE!
  4. Be original. I know now days being original is hard. Sometimes it seems there’s nothing else to be created but when I say original I’m not excluding having inspirations. Everyone has it, it’s super normal and healthy to keep your mind working. Just do what YOU like, not what is always trending. Followers search for a unique opinion too, someone that are curious, that shine a light in something they haven’t noticed yet. So snap your crazy pics, write your true opinion, even if it is controversy, read your different sub genres. DO YOU AND HAVE FUN! 

Have you had any bad/negative experiences on Bookstagram? Not baaad. Just some comments of people that didn’t like my opinion about a book, a theme and stuff like that. But I was always super happy in my IG experience until now. Even when I made some mistake with information or something people came to talk to me with the best intentions.

What have you learned from blogging on a public platform like? I’ve learned that everyone see Instagram as the kingdom of perfection. You know that sensation that everyone on IG gave the perfect life? Yeah, I’ve struggled with that at the beginning. I was unemployed  when I started, didn’t have all the new books, the good phone with awesome camera and that made me feel bad for some time. So, I’ve learned that you can make a good content with less. And learned to keep being me and being humble (this is a fragile subjects for some bloggers on Brazil due to partnerships with publishing houses and how this made some bloggers and bookstagramers go super Paris Hilton about it).

Do you have any goals that you haven’t yet been able to get to, concerning your account? I really want to get closer to a font of news regarding the romance novel world. A account/blog that people go to learn more about the genre, the fresh news of romance books, events, movies, TV, etc. And my ultimate dream at the moment is to save some money and doing a tour for different book events and different countries. First to show my people at Brazil it’s possible to go see the world and to show the differences from here and other countries events structures, activities, ideas and much more. Send me good vibes please! Hahaha.

What are some highlights or special moments that have happened, concerning your book blogging career?  My first trip alone at 16 to the biggest book event of Brazil, Bienal do Livro at Rio de Janeiro. I’m from São Paulo, so some bookfriends rented a microbus and we’ve gone to another state to the event. It was FANTASTIC! Bought lots of books, met a dozen friends that I met online, and I met Sylvia Day at a signing. My heart goes insane just to remember it! Most of the highlights are meeting my fave authors like Jamie McGuire, Tammara Webber and Brittainy C. Cherry.

Do you think Bookstagram is an effective platform to express your opinion on books? Yes! Mostly because you can catch the usuer attention not only with your text but with visual content too. Than the chance of someone stop scrolling to read your opinion is bigger. And I think we’re at the flash generation, where small and direct text are most appreciated ever for the ones that likes to read. So the word limitation of the word limitation of the app obligated bookstagramers to created shorts and rich content that calls for the attention of everyone.

What do you use camera vise when taking book photography? Well, I only use my smartphone camera and apps to edit the photos.

Do you use your own props? Is there a fun or MAGICAL way you set it all up? (loc, props…) I’m kind of obsessed with flat lay, so I like to spead the books and lots of items that remind me of it on a neutral background, like old and yellowish book pages, or a pallet. Then I edit with lots of bright and shiny effects and BAAM! It’s ready to post!

Do you have advice for new bookstagrammers on how to start, be, and do? (anything goes here)

  • Search for tips and tricks about Instragram. This is super important to make your posts visible, high quality and to enjoy every action that could help you being the best! 
  • Choose hashtags that matches what you post, but don’t flood your post with it! I recommend 15 at max.
  • Experiment. Take some books with your and go see your city, try taking some experimental pics, learn what you like, what’s your style and don’t be afraid of not being the best. You’ll conquer your followers with your originality and with time. 
  • Do brainstorms! Read more about your fave genre, interact, leave your confort zone!
  • Post regularly!
  • Please, don’t stress about number of likes and stuff like that! HAVE FUN!

Do you have any favorite Instagram accounts that you follow for books, inspiration, ideas…? Recently @musingsofthemb, @ursula_uriarte  and @clayci are my top inspirational IGs, but I like to go to some hashtags like #bookshelf #booksaremylify #booksobsessed and just scroll and see what catches my attention.

What was the first book you officially bookstagrammed, how about the first book you reviewed and posted on Instagram? I don’t post reviews on Instagram ☹ But the first book I reviewed (I think) it was Dark Prince, by Christine Feehan. The first picture of books I posted on IG was of Never Too Far, by Abbi Glines.


Tell us, do you know the exact amount of paperback you own? How about ebooks? (I suggest not to count because I did & I regretted it) I have no idea! I think I have close to 170 paperbacks and e-book… Only god knows! HAHAHAHA

Do you prefer paper or kindle? I love paper, but I spend the entire day out so Kindle is much better to carry around.

Do you know your first paperback/ebook? My first paperback was Twilight, by Stephenie Meyer and e-book was The Devil’s Lady, by Deborah Simmons.

Do you remember your very first read? It was a comicbook for children called A Turma da Mônica, by Maurício de Souza. It’s pretty popular in Brazil even between adults!

What is it that draws you to a book? (picture, blurb, author..or all?) Cover, for sure! Than blurb. If I like both than it’s automatically on my TBR list.

Do you have a favorite genre you read? And which one? Oh, I LOVE dark romance. Actually I love all the B side subgenres of romance. Like Sci-fi, shapeshifters romance (yeah, the dragon and sexy puma ones), merman, etc… 

What is your ideal bookboyfriend like? (looks, actions…) The funny and sexy tattoed guy who hides his scattered heart and soul with jokes. This type always wins my heart just to torn it into pieces. Its SO PAINFUL but I love every second of it!

Do you have a real life bookboyfriend? If he is a celeb, book model and so forth, care to share a photo of who? OMG, I have two. Both models, both showed on book covers! First is Stephen James (@whoiselijah) and the second is Jord Liddell (@jord_liddell). Come drool with me, my friends!

What is your favorite part about a story? (the beginning get to know each other, the sexy scenes, the middle right before the peak…) The slow burn scenes! Right after the characters have that cliché thought “it’s not possible that I’m into him/her”. And then they start noticing the other, the jokes are no more only jokes, they get nervous when are alone… OMG. This road of torture to the first kiss is FABULOUS!

What book are you currently reading? I’m starting “The Summer I Turned Pretty”, by Jenny Han.

Do You have a favorite book quotes from any recent or previously read books you’d like to share? I love this one from “The Bet”, by Rachel Van Dyken: “The past is called the past for a reason. If you are constantly looking behind you, your eyes aren’t on the road ahead. You don’t drive the car that way, so why should you live your life that way?” 

How long does it take you to read an average book? I’m a super slow reader! 4-5 days ☹

How many reads per week do you think you read on an average? I think 2. 3 at max!

Have you ever considered writing a book? If so, why, how, when and who?! Hehe I already write books and post them on Wattpad! The book I’m posting now (with a long hiatus) is called “The Perfect Opposite” and it’s romantic comedy about a woman than had a crush for a man that don’t have interest in her, but she doesn’t give up. And in order to convince him to give her a chance they both fall in love, with super different personalities, lives, countries, desires… Oh, it’s my baby. I love this story!

Who is your favorite author and why? (you’re welcome for this one *smirk*) J.R. Ward! Because she seems to have and multiverse on her head. I love how she mixes tradition and modernity in her vampires on the Black Dagger Brotherhood series, how every character are completely different and evoke all the craziest feelings on the readers… She is a Midas to me, and I’ll keep reading everything she writes!

Now, the real important question -> What is your favorite book & why!  Lover At Last, by J.R. Ward. I love LGBTQ+ romance and since the first time I’ve read Qhuinn and Blaylock interact, on the begging of the BDB series, I knew they would fall in love and that their story was going to end my heart for sure and I wasn’t wrong! This book is SO BEAUTIFUL that brings tears to my eyes just to remember it.

Do you have any magical words for everyone out there?!  I want to thank you for inviting me for this Spotlight! I loved answering this questions and I hope I can help some new bookstagramers! And thanks for everyone that read it! You guys rock! Never stop reading, writing and conquering the world! Bye!






That Concludes another wonderful SPOTLIGHT, thank you everyone, more to come of course & let’s go show some love to our fellow bookstagrammer!

RELEASE BLITZ – Master Baker by Pippa Grant

Title: Master Baker
Author: Pippa Grant
Genre: Romantic Comedy
Cover Design: Lori Jackson Design
Photo: Wander Aguiar
 Release Date: June 27, 2019


They call me the sugar whisperer.
Anything your tongue desires, I can bake it. Scones? Child’s play. Cupcakes? I’ll frost them so good you won’t know what hit you. Donuts? Please.
You’re talking to a master baker.
But there’s one egg I’ve never been able to crack.
My best friend.
Correction: My former best friend.
She’s the apple in my pie. The whip in my cream. The lemon in my meringue. The wish in my bone.
She’s the one who got away.
After ten years in the military, she’s back. She’s bruised and battered by life, but she’s back.
Except she’s not my second chance. She’s gone to the dark side.
Running a rival bakery in a town not big enough for two.
So now I have to decide—which do I want more?
My bakery?
Or the woman I never should’ve let go in the first place?

Master Baker is a deliciously fun friends-to-enemies-to-lovers romantic comedy featuring a smooth-talking baker, the one who got away, and a goat with more matchmaking tendencies than a nosy old grandpa. It stands alone with no cheating or cliffhangers.


Purchase Links

$2.99 for a limited time!!


Free in Kindle Unlimited

Author Bio

Pippa Grant is a USA Today Bestselling author who writes romantic comedies that will make tears run down your leg. When she’s not reading, writing or sleeping, she’s being crowned employee of the month as a stay-at-home mom and housewife trying to prepare her adorable demon spawn to be productive members of society, all the while fantasizing about long walks on the beach with hot chocolate chip cookies. 

Books by Pippa Grant

Author Links


RELEASE BLITZ – Jedson by Cora Brent

Title: Jedson
Series: The Ruins of Emblem #2
Author: Cora Brent
Genre: Standalone Contemporary Romance
Release Date: June 27, 2019


JEDSON (The Ruins of Emblem)

When I was too young to know any better Ryan Jedson fascinated me.  
After he went on the run I thought I’d never see him again.  
I was wrong.
Now that he’s back in town I realize it’s a bad idea to catch his eye. 
And yet I can’t help it. 
Sometimes you want the one you shouldn’t want.  
But there’s a complication. 
He has no idea that I’m the reason his life fell apart.  
And I don’t know what he’ll do if he ever finds out.  

Back in the day when we were neighbors she was too young, not even worth a second look.  
However, six years have gone by and now Leah Brandeis is fair game.  
I see how she looks at me.   
I understand she thinks her secret is safe.  
And I’m playing along. 
For now.  
But soon the truth will come out and there will be hell to pay.  
Because I know what she did. 
I’ve always known.

Purchase Links

99c for release day ONLY!!


Free in Kindle Unlimited

Also Available


Free in Kindle Unlimited

Author Bio

Cora Brent was born in a cold climate and escaped as soon as it was legally possible. Now, she lives in the desert with her husband, two kids and a prickly pear cactus she has affectionately named ‘Spot’. Cora’s closet is filled with boxes of unfinished stories that date back her 1980’s childhood and all her life she has dreamed of being an author. Amazingly, she is now a New York Times and USA Today bestselling writer of contemporary romance and begs not to be awakened from this dream.

Author Links