COVER REVEAL – Mine, Baby by Aubrie Lee

Title: Mine, Baby
Author: Aubrie Lee
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Cover Design: Under Cover Designs
Release Date: June 20, 2019


โ€œI should not complicate my already complicated life.โ€

Heโ€™s everything I want, and everything I crave.
But I have to stay away.
We are not meant to be, because we already had our chance,
and he doesnโ€™t remember it.

โ€œDo you believe in fate? Because it wasn’t meant to be.โ€

I never thought I would see her and my life would
never be the same.
Everything is too complicated right now.
But all I can think about is her body underneath mine.
She is mine and no one else can touch her.
And now, sheโ€™s carrying my child.

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โ€œI just got dumped, well it happened on the day I bought the cake, but today she made it Facebook official.โ€
I bit my tongue. I wanted to laugh. But I knew it would be rude. Besides, he looked obviously hurt.
โ€œWhy? What did you do?โ€ I asked, waving the bartender to serve me another beer.
โ€œNothing. I donโ€™t understand why.โ€
I rolled my eyes. It was typical for men to think they didnโ€™t know the reason for the break-up. They always believe that didnโ€™t do anything wrong but realizes their mistakes when it was already too late.
โ€œWhat did you do or better, didnโ€™t do?โ€ I inquired again. The gossip girl in me wanted to know how did the notorious playboy in college, Luke Campbell, gotโ€ฆ dumped.
โ€œI asked her to move in with me after we had dinner. Weโ€™ve been together for three years so I thought itโ€™s time to take it a notch higher.โ€
I shrugged. He didnโ€™t do anything wrong, so farโ€ฆ maybe he said it the wrong way.
โ€œWhat did she say?โ€
โ€œShe thought it was crazy for us to live together. She asked if I was just playing around and that there was no reason for her to move in with me when I didnโ€™t even love her, and apparently she didnโ€™t love me eitherโ€ฆ it was just supposed to be fun.โ€
I fell silent.
That was heavy.
They have been together for three years and he didnโ€™t love her? What was that? What kind of bullshit was the man spewing about?
โ€œWhat is love anyway? Why is it so important?โ€ Lukeโ€™s question snapped me back to reality.
โ€œThat is the reason why she dumped you.โ€
โ€œWhat?โ€ he asked again in pure puzzlement.
โ€œYou donโ€™t know what love is. Thatโ€™s why she left you.โ€
โ€œFuck. Women are complicated.โ€ He commented before drowning himself with his drink in silence.
Staring at Luke, I couldnโ€™t help but feel pity. How could this man who almost had everything to conquer the world not know what love was? Was he that dense?
Did he honestly never loved before?
I opened my mouth to ask, then I thought betterโ€ฆ there was no point sitting here with him trying to play doctor love when I have problems of my own. Besides, I already made it clear to myself that I should stay away with him.

Author Bio

Aubrie Lee is the sexy minded alter ego of a very normal, a tad boring, always smiling mid-twenties woman. 
At first glance, you would never believe that she is capable of not only fantasizing but writing all the hot, steamy stories that lurk inside her mind.
But as we all know looks can be deceiving, and you are given first row seats to all her stories, there will be lots of giggles and HEA’s, that’s guaranteed.

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