3 Ways To Keep Track Of Your ARC’s

We all know that keeping track of those ARC’s can get a little hectic! Well, here I want to share a few ways I have made ti easy for myself throughout this adventure of mine. But first….noo not a selfie, but a little history. I have been reading for a little over a decade, I recently became a Bookstagrammer beginning of 2018. But I did not officially become and account and post more and focus until July 2018. That was also the first time I started my blog(s), technically it’s ONE blog but I have one for everything and the other specifically designed for my REVIEW’s. So over the time I have learned a few tricks and can’t wait to share them with you. Specifically I will share THREE ways, that I mastered for myself!

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This basically consists of what it exactly stated, tradition, the old way…get down to business and use that pen and paper way. Here is what I do:

Basically, yes we all have a long huge list of TBR’s but my PAID READS include the most recent ones, meaning I set aside some time for my TBR list but these are more the immediate ones I’d like to really read.
When I am done with a book basically I just go in and HIGHLIGHT it! Simple as that, this also allows me to put notes like: read but needs review, or read and review saved: make post…I also write down the RELEASE DATE essentially the DUE DATE next to the book, kind of gives me in the time line. (I am very O.C.D. and organized in my personal business, so that’s just me) It helps ME to keep a track of the time line.

Most the time personally I like to read, review & make the post. I don’t get to every time but this one time not in band camp but my home, I read 8 books and did not do the review’s…some had a rough draft, some just the blog post and some nothing yet. I will not be making that mistake again.

So safe to say that this is for an environment like an office, honestly if I did not already have an office, not sure I’d want to carry this with me all around the house/purse.



Now this can be in a lot of forms depending on your e-mail server, type and accessibility. I personally run 4 e-mails. 2 personal for my husband and I, 1 for our company and 1 for my bookstagramming. Crazy right?! Not really, they are a lot easier to maneuver than you think.

So having a dedicated BOOKSTAGRAMMING email also helps, that said if it’s your personal that can also work. And yes, a lot of e-mail will go to spam again depending on your provider. That I can not help you with hehe

Step 1– Build a FOLDER in your email section

Step 2 – Name them accordingly (CURRENT ARC’S, AUTHOR’S, PR’S, or my favorite DATES)

a. The reason I do DATES is because I base them off of when they release or when I need to do something with them. Various e-mails out there not just from PR companies, a lot of mine are direct from author’s too.

Example 1 – All my PR’s e-mails are organized in DATES of the Release, Cover Reveal, whatever it may be. Hint: I place a IMPORTANCE STAR (I use gmail for this) before I transfer it to the date specified. Here is why: when I am ready to SCHEDULE POSTS or POST…I go to the specified date and all of my e-mail will have little starts next to them (you can also color coordinate them, I just like to make mine simple and not have to remember too much additional) so that is how I know that I need to make or schedule a BLOG POST for them.. Then when I am done schduling or posting them here is the tricky part that really works well for me.

There are a lot of emails out there form PR companies that I do not post on my Instagram which I most active on simply because they are things like (BLOG TOURS, or Facebook & Twitter mostly posts; which my blog automatically posts to, so I don’t have to do much on that) that said, those I get rid of from the folder all together, once I am done with it..it’s done my blog does the rest. Now there are A LOT of them that I do and will post or are asked to or required by the PR companies to post, all I do it remove that star and that is how I know that the POST is done and all but I need to post on INSTAGRAM. I know it sounds all crazy but really works for me, and fast too. This kind of got off topic a little, hehe sorry I could probably talk about ti all day because there are so many different scenarios.

Example 2:

As you can see in the photo it may look crazy, but it all works for me when I have the folders to place my e-mails in. THAT said, same goes with my ARC’S. Once I receive an e-mail that an ARC was send out (that’s from PR or even author’s directly) that automatically get’s a star and goes into CURRENT ARCS FOLDER, same concept as highlight, except when i am done with an ARC I just go in and un-check the star.
This also allows me to kidn of have a list of all the ARC’s I had recieved.

So you see, handwritten compared to E-mail’s entailed a lot more of course.


Now this option is probably the most east one in a sense of if you don’t have an office at home (or a need to carry papers around or worry about emails). This I did before I started BOOKSTAGRAMMING, BLOGGING and all the shebang! Because honestly before all this that is all I did…just READ!

Basically you rely on your KINDLE or NOOK depending on which you use, OR BOTH! For me it was both, it’s more KINDLE NOW than ever but I started with NOOK. My first visit to a bookstore was the B&N here locally and where I purchased my very first books, 3 to be exact. I was actually forced to go by my nieces and I am glad that I did. Since then I fell in love with reading and E.L. James’s books is what hooked me on ROMANCE. Will never forget that day or the first book I intentionally wanted to read. The pictures provided on here are only of KINDLE because I don’t get many if any, any more to my NOOK.

Really simple, I have a FOLDER named CURRENT ARC’s and the only option I use on here is MARK AS READ after I have read it, I believe it might say it on it’s own, I just do it anyways do I know in case I look back. (see above photos)

Again, I don’t rely on this because I like to have more option and in for for myself when I try to keep track of it all and time management. This works for a lot of people, nothing wrong with it, it’s simpler too.
I am sure you can create more FOLDERS in the KINDLE and use it for what e-mail is kind of like, I just personally like Opt 1 & 2

THAT’S that, I hope this helps someone, I know I have a lot of questions asked on time management, keeping track and so forth. I plan on doing more like this, different topics like: PR companies, photography, paperback….all in time. THANK YOU for reading!
Feel free to message me, comment your question(s) on here, either way, if I can answer it and or help, I am glad to!

2 thoughts on “3 Ways To Keep Track Of Your ARC’s

  1. My ARCs go into a word file (the only thing I use word for). I insert cover image, publication date, author name. When the book is read and review is done at least on NetGalley or Goodreads it gets removed. Since the books are listed in order of publication date it simply moves them up a space and I can insert new ones at the end.
    I make the list into a 3 column brochure type of format.
    I really hate Microsoft Word and refuse to use it as a rule. I much prefer Microsoft Publisher but word works well for the 3 column format.

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