R E V I E W ➠ Until December by Aurora Rose Reynolds


Gareth Black is drawn to December Mayson the moment he spots her across the room at her cousin’s wedding. When he approaches the beautiful woman, she captivates him with her shyness and wit, making him crave her.

With a pull so strong it’s impossible to ignore, December knows there’s something between her and Gareth. She just hopes they’re capable of jumping the hurdles ahead of them.

Two boys, an ex, a surprise that will change everything, and a disgruntled co-worker, guarantee these two will have their work cut out for them if they are going to find their happily ever after.

Release Date: July 30, 2019

“Ember.” Warm fingers wrap around my jaw, and I blink away the memory and focus on Gareth’s handsome face that is closer than before.
“Did you just call me Ember?” I frown, offended he’s forgotten my name already.
“Baby, your name represents the cold, but standing in front of you, I feel nothing but heat.”

Every part of us is in sync as he fucks me into oblivion, and when I start to come, I know he’s capable of touching a piece of me I didn’t even know existed until him.


“You don’t even realize that the roots you’ve planted have become something to cling to in a storm. A safe place to go to when the winds start to pick up.”


⇨ R E V I E W ⇦

Well, if you don’t know me you won’t know this but I AM A DIE HARD FAN OF AURORA’S BOOKS! I have read every single one of them, heck re-read them multiple times as well! So to say I needed this one is like saying you need water to live! GAH!!

I totally almost forgot that Gareth is the every so sexy single father from Until Harmony where his son’s did the car damage and heck I though he was going to play a part in that story. So happy he got his own and it involved December. One of my favorite from the Until Him/Her series!! *i am not screaming i swear*

This story starts of with a bang, when December is out with her sisters and April her twin and her spot the same man, but April jumps the gun and claims him first. After December was so disappointed because just from looking at the man, she felt a connection. Little did she know, he felt the same all night, but she had a pact with her twin sister, and she was sticking to it. Which led to a night of in the bed jumble that sadly ended on a PAINFUL note.

Thinking she would never see this man again, after *wait for it* leaving her cell phone at the man’s place she snuck out of then using a lame excuse her sister idea’s to her. She is really hurt by it but did it to herself, she ends up at a tattoo parler to get well a tattoo with her sister as promised, but does not expect to see Gareth Black again. A not so pleasant run-into-each-other later she further kicked herself for being stupid to do what she did.

Little about December, she is the twin of April and is the opposite. Where April is the outgoing, crazy and loud twin she is the cardigan, flat shoe wearing one. The goodie-tooshue if you may. Gareth brings out something in her, so when they someone end up seing each other again and making it a go…it’s explosive. I really loved them together, there was something about both of them that I couldn’t stop reading fast enough but when they were together even more magical.

There is not a lot of danger involved in this one, more of the EX form of danger. Meaning, I hated her and well let’s just say didn’t have nice things to say about her though out the whole book. I mean who does that, what kind of mom…UGH anyways. This is more on the sweet side, where things get intense between Gareth and December yes but he is so SWOON WORTHY in a sexy tattoo biker type of way. They way he is with his kids…*sigh* so sweet!

Obviously I would recommend reading the whole series yes but this alone, I’d read Until Harmony at least for sure before this. On it’s own it worked for me but again I’ve read the series multiple times. You will love the angst in the beginning, the chase, the ever so sweet and even the jealousy! Another TOP read from Aurora!!

Rating: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ PLUS!
Steamy: 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Recommended: ☑ HIGHLY!
⇨ H A P P Y – R E A D I N G ⇦



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