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Lies, a steamy, fast paced standalone filled with the perfect blend of heat and humor from New York Times bestselling author Kylie Scott, is available now!


Betty Dawsey knows that breaking things off with Thom Lange is for the best. He’s nice, but boring, and their relationship has lost its spark. But steady and predictable Thom, suddenly doesn’t seem so steady and predictable when their condo explodes and she’s kidnapped by a couple of crazies claiming that Thom isn’t who he says he is.

Thom is having a hellish week. Not only is he hunting a double agent, but his fiancé dumped him, and thanks to his undercover life, she’s been kidnapped.

Turns out Thom is Operative Thom and he’s got more than a few secrets to share with Betty if he’s going to keep her alive. With both their lives on the line, their lackluster connection is suddenly replaced by an intense one. But in his line of work, feelings aren’t wanted or desired. Because feelings can be a lethal distraction.

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“You’re going to break his heart.” “No, I’m not,” I say. “That’s sort of the whole point. If I really thought leaving him would break his heart, then I probably wouldn’t be leaving him in the first place.” My best friend, Jen, does not look convinced. Boxes fill a good half of the room. What a mess. Who knew you could accumulate so much junk in only twelve months? At least we weren’t together so long that I can’t remember who owns what. One year is about the sweet spot for this issue in relationships, apparently. “The fact of the matter is, we’re not in love. We have no business being engaged, let alone getting married.” I sigh. “Have you seen the packing tape?” “No. He’s just such a nice guy.” “I’m not debating that.” I climb to my feet, then head up the stairs to the second bedroom. Thom’s unofficial workout room/home office. Not a room I normally go into. But it only takes a bit of rummaging to find what I’m looking for. Whatever else might be said about them, insurance assessors are organized. The bottom drawer of Thom’s desk has a neat stash of stationery. I grab a couple rolls of thick tape. “And leaving him this way…” Jen continues as I head back down. “How many times have I told him we need to talk? He’s always putting it off, saying it’s not a good time. And now he’s away again. I’ve been messaging him for the last week and he barely replies.” “You know he has to drop everything once a job comes up. I realize he’s not the most exciting guy, Betty, but—” “I know.” I smack down a line of tape with extra zest, sealing the lid of the last box. In this Operation Abandon Ship Posthaste, I know I’m definitely slightly the bad guy. But not totally. Say sixty/forty. Or maybe seventy/thirty. It’s hard to tell to what degree. “I do know all of that. But he’s always busy with work or away on some business trip. What am I supposed to do?” A sigh from Jen. “When you realize you’ve made such a monumental mistake, it’s hard to sit and wait to fix things. Nor is it fair on either of us to keep up the pretense.” “Guess so.” “And the fact that he’s yet again made no effort to prioritize our relationship and make a little time for me in his busy schedule is just further proof that I’ve made the right choice in ending this now before it gets any more complicated. End of rant.” Nothing from her. “Anyway, you’re supposed to be on my side. Stop questioning me.” “You wanted to get married and have children so badly.” “Yeah.” I sit back on my heels. “I blame it all on playing with Ken and Barbie’s dreamhouse when I was little. But it turns out that being in a relationship with the wrong person can be even lonelier than being alone.” Jen and I have been friends since sharing a room in college. We’ve witnessed the bulk of each other’s dating ups and downs. For some reason, I’m the type of girl who guys will go out with, but don’t tend to stick with. Apparently, I’m fuckable—just not girlfriend material. Maybe it’s my smart mouth. Maybe it’s the whole not fitting current societal expectations of beauty i.e. I’m fat. Maybe I was born under an unlucky star. I don’t know; it’s their loss. Like anyone, I have my faults, but all in all, I’m awesome. And I have a lot to give. Too often in the past few months, I’ve had to keep reminding myself of this fact. “There are just so many jerks out there,” Jen says. “I was happy that you’d found a good one.” “I think I’d prefer a jerk who was genuinely into me than a nice guy phoning it in. Honestly, I’d rather go adopt a dozen cats and settle into old age and isolation than be with someone who treats me as if I’m an afterthought.” She looks at me for a long moment, then nods slowly. “I’m sorry it didn’t work out.” “Me too.” “Time to start filling up the cars. Boy, do you owe me.” I smile. “That I do.” Jen stands and stretches before picking up one of the boxes labeled kitchen. “I just didn’t want you to do something you’d regret, you know?” “I know. Thank you.” Alone in the two-bedroom condo, everything is silent. My parting letter sits waiting on the coffee table with his name written on the front. A slight bulge in the envelope betrays the shape of my engagement ring. It’s a sweet, simple ring. One small diamond perched on a band of yellow gold. My hand feels wrong without it. Naked. They say there are different love languages and you have to take the time to learn your partner’s needs. It’s like he and I never quite got there. Or maybe I’m just crappy at relationships. The bridal magazines I’d collected are in the trash. Perhaps I should have taken them into the florist shop where I work so someone could get some use out of them. But this feels more symbolic, more definite. My family are a couple of states away, and I have only a few of what I’d classify as good friends. Being an introvert makes it hard to meet people. A boyfriend, a husband, would mean I’m no longer alone. Someone cares about me and puts me first. At least part of the time. Only Thom doesn’t any of the time, so here we are. I tighten my ponytail of long dark hair. Then, in a rare display of dexterity that my yoga instructor would be proud of, I stack three boxes in my arms and head outside into the hot afternoon sun. Jen’s Honda Civic is parked at the curb, the trunk standing open as she moves things about inside. My old Subaru sits in the driveway waiting to be filled. Birds are singing and insects chirping. It’s your typical mild autumn day in California. That’s when the condo blows up behind me.

About Kylie Scott

Kylie is a New York Times and USA Today best-selling author. She was voted Australian Romance Writer of the year, 2013, 2014 & 2018, by the Australian Romance Writer’s Association and her books have been translated into eleven different languages. She is a long time fan of romance, rock music, and B-grade horror films. Based in Queensland, Australia with her two children and husband, she reads, writes and never dithers around on the internet. KylieScott

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Welcome to my BOOKSTAGRAMMER SPOTLIGHT, where I show some love to our fellow Bloggers, Bookstagrammers and common Romance Readers. I started this because while there might be a lot of us out there, each of us is different and unique in not just reading, photography, books…everything! A fun way to show some love & learn a little more about the romance community members!! Today’s feature is a very beautiful young woman who I met through Instagram and am glad to have gotten to know as well! ENJOY!


Name: Lozzie

About You: I am 22 years old; I am from the UK, but currently live in Milan, Italy with my family. My favorite colors are green and red, and I am studying towards being a teacher, and currently work as a TA in a school.


Logo/IG name? Fifty Shades of D and J

How/Why did you come up with it? It was initially a Fifty Shades fan account where I would post updates about the cast or the movie, however, I would always post something book related on my page as well.

When did you start Bookstagramming? What was the first thing you did? I had family members and  friends that liked to read books, but couldn’t understand why I liked to read romance so much, or to say ‘Smut’. My love for reading romance came from reading Fifty Shades of Grey by E.L. James and I just read more and more books in this genre. I expressed my love for FS with IG and Twitter, and then moved on to FB with a few posts in between about books. Throughout time, my passion for books grew more and more, and with the final movie released, it gave me the opportunity to allow my passion to flourish.

Why did you start what you started? Influence? I am still very new to Bookstagramming, and am still trying to learn the ropes of the industry. I started my Blog/Bookstagram July last year, and would always try to look at other bookstagram accounts for inspiration.

Did you have any help at the beginning or winged it? I started this account because I just wanted to express my love for books. With one of old accounts being deleted, years of dedication just washed away, I felt rejected and it had put me off from creating another account. Around 4 months later, I finally pushed myself and opened a new account. It wasn’t initially a Bookstagram, but it came to be around a year later. Through my fan account I would post simple pictures of books that I was reading at the time and decided that I wanted to pursue it further, so then I transitioned slowly to Bookstagram.

What is your favorite part about BOOKSATGRAMMING and why? My favourite part of Bookstagramming is seeing beautiful images on my feed and seeing people have the same passion as me for reading. I love seeing their creativity flow through their pages. I also loved communicating with others about books and how much these books meant to them. I am a very shy person, so yet again, I´m still learning the ropes to this, but I just love seeing the love for books on every page I see.

What platforms do you use (this is meant for APP’s mainly, things like Canva and so forth.) I mainly use Canva, Snapseed and PicsArt. I would sometimes use the IG app for filters etc..

What social media’s are you on? And do you have a favorite? I am on Facebook and Instagram. I have also created a new Twitter account that will both be Fifty Shades and Book related.

 Do you have any tips and tricks about blogging? I have one tip for blogging: Be yourself. Show your creativity the way you want to show it and run your account the way you want you. Show your passion through your eyes and express it in however way you want to. Be honest to yourself, to authors and to your readers/followers.

Have you had any bad/negative experiences on Bookstagram? Personally, I have never had a bad experience on Bookstagram, I have heard of such, but I have never had one.

What have you learned from blogging on a public platform like? My creativity has flourished so much from blogging. If not from making sure my posts are colourful and different, I try to make sure my reviews each have their own flair without sounding repetitive or boring. 

Do you have any goals that you haven’t yet been able to get to, concerning your account? I feel that I haven’t reached my full ability with my account. Due to work, I have been falling behind and have been struggling with the upkeep on my account. I also find that sometimes I compare my account with others, and I feel that it is not as strong as it could be, and that can translate onto my page. One of my goals is to update my account as much as possible, and maybe post more original photos and make them my own. Another one of my goals is to start an online blog; however I feel that I must focus on improving my Bookstagram beforehand.

What are some highlights or special moments that have happened, concerning your book blogging career? I will always have special moments when authors contact me about reading their book. I feel so honoured when they trust their precious babies in my hands, or when they want me to promote their books. It makes me feel happy that they can trust me with this task. Highlights would be when authors follow me on social media and share my post. I guess a highlight for me was when BB Easton included a small part of my review in her newsletter. I was giddy with excitement. I just felt so privileged to be included. Every time I’m asked to review a book, or to post something or when an author thanks me for my review, it´s a special moment that makes it all worth it.

Do you think Bookstagram is an effective platform to express your opinion on books? Defintiely! I feel that Bookstagram is the perfect way beside online blogging to promote a book. It can help publishers decide which account is more suitable for them to ask to promote. It helps followers communicate and express their love for book, and it also brings the community together and other bookstagrammers can share their love for books and make friendships that are so strong and will last a lifetime.

What do you use camera vise when taking book photography? I actually use my phone, I would like to use a camera, but seen as this is just the beginning of everything for me, I want to test the waters first by using a phone, and when I feel more confident in my pictures, I will look into buying a camera for my pictures. Also, right now it is also very convenient for me when editing and posting.

Do you use your own props? Is there a fun or MAGICAL way you set it all up? (loc, props…) I try to find props from around the house when doing my bookstagram. There are always flowers and candles in my house so I usually use those in my pictures.  I try to be different and use as little props as possible. There is very little natural light in my house, so I am always trying to find way to make sure that the pictures look as clear as possible, which isn’t always easy, so the places I would usually find light are in the most unusual of places.

Do you have advice for new bookstagrammers on how to start, be, and do? I think it would be the same as the tip above, just be yourself, and be creative and expressive in a way only you can do. Just let your passion for books flow and the rest will follow. Oh, and that being honest is essential in this world.  Also, don’t be afraid to ask for advice if you’re stuck or to look online for inspiration. This is a great community that will help you if you ask.

Do you have any favorite Instagram accounts that you follow for books, inspiration, ideas…? The Ginger Bookworm. The owner of the account is so sweet and honest and her account is so incredible. It is colourful and creative and she is always so responsive to her followers. I definitely recommend giving her account a follow. Plus many more such as @devoted_pages and tweezyreads, etc. whose account just kicks butt!

What was the first book you officialy bookstagrammer, how about the first book you reviewed and posted on Instagram? The first book I bookstagrammed before I set up my blog was Scandalous by LJ Shen. It was a simple picture of the book on my bed. I was just so excited that I was reading the book and just had to share that to others. As expected it was a REALLY good book, and from there on I would just update my followers on what I was reading with a simple picture of the book I was reading at the time.  I don’t usually post reviews on my IG pages. I may express what I though a little about the book, but I usually post my reviews on sites such as Goodreads, Amazon, Bookbub but it is something that I am considering doing in the future.


Tell us, do you know the exact amount of paperback you own? How about ebooks? (I suggest not to count because I did & I regretted it) Before I moved to Italy two years ago, I had so many I struggled to find room for them, but since moving, I had to leave my books behind, which was very sad to me. However, I am slowly rebuilding my collection and have 49 physical books in my possession. In the format of eBooks I have 907.

Do you prefer paper or kindle? I most definitely prefer paper to eBook. I just love the feeling of a book in my hands, but with paperbacks being heavy and expensive I usually read with kindle. It is cheaper and more convenient as I can carry all my books with me on one device, but if I get the chance to really spoil myself, I will most definitely do that with a paper copy.

Do you know your first paperback/ebook? My first book in paper and digital form was the Fifty Shades series by E.L. James. I was just obsessed with the series and wanted to get it in every shape and form. However, my first ebook purchase on my Kindle was King of New York by Diamond R. James.

Do you remember your very first read? I can’t actually. It’s sad actually because I would like to know what pushed me and my love for reading.

What is it that draws you to a book? (picture, blurb, author..or all?) I like a pretty cover. Who doesn’t? But if the blurb doesn’t match the cover, or doesn’t pique my interest I won’t read it. I give anything a try, but if it really seems like something that I wouldn’t read, then I won’t.

Do you have a favorite genre you read? And which one? I have two! My first favorite will always be romance. I love the stories that sweep me off my feet and make me swoon, however a dark romance can never go amiss. My second, which I got from my mother and grandmother, is Crime Thrillers and sometimes the darker the better. I love a thriller that makes me gasp from my seat, uncomfortable (to a point) and speechless from such a good ending. I always get recommended something by my mother, and if I see something that maybe she would like, I’d always recommend it to her. It truly is a family thing for me.

What is your ideal bookboyfriend like? (looks, actions…) My ideal book boyfriend would be muscular, but not overly done so, with short brown hair, and mesmerising eyes, no matter the colour. He would have to have a sense of humour, be generous and kind, but take no prisoners if wronged. He would have to be loyal and allow himself to be vulnerable with the right people, and loveable and strong enough to carry my food shopping for me. Wealth doesn’t matter to me, as long as he has a kind heart and is determined, I am good.

Do you have a real life bookboyfriend? If he is a celeb, book model and so forth, care to share a photo of who? Jamie Dornan. A sweet Irishman who is a great father, husband and actor. What more do I need to say?

What is your favorite part about a story? (the beginning get to know each other, the sexy scenes, the middle right before the peak…) My favourite part of the story is the build-up in the relationship where the characters are allowing themselves to be vulnerable and open up to one another. I just love the emotional aspect of the romance so much; it’s what keeps me reading. The other parts; the angst, the steam are just very, VERY good perks.

What book are you currently reading? I’m not reading anything at the moment, but I will be starting my ARC of Forever and Never by Ella Fields, and I can’t wait!

Do You have a favorite book quotes from any recent or previously read books you’d like to share?  ‘You’re my lifeline’. The words from Christian Grey that never fail to make me swoon.  (Darker)

How long does it take you to read an average book? It depends on the size of the book. If it’s a big book (500 pages +) it can take me between two to three days. If it’s smaller than that, maybe one to two days. If the book has completely taken over my life, a day for sure.

How many reads per week do you think you read on an average? I used to be able to read around 5-7 books a week, but now that I have a job, I can only usually manage around three books a week.

Have you ever considered writing a book? If so, why, how, when and who?! Hehe I have considered writing a book. I always have something in my head that floats around and drives me wild with need to write it down, but down to fear and cost I haven’t had the guts to do it.

Who is your favorite author and why? (you’re welcome for this one *smirk*) I can’t say I have a favorite author. Every story that I read touches me in a different way. There are so many I can’t decide. It’s so hard!

Now, the real important question -> What is your favorite book & why! To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee. It was a book that I studied ages ago that just touched me. The story was so fascinating and eye-opening. I remember reading this book, and thinking, WOW! Books don’t always show the dark side of society and being exposed to that made me start thinking about life and precious it truly is and formed certain opinions of the world. It was a book that truly inspired me to be a decent human being to all, and that everybody is equal no matter the colour of their skin. Whenever I see the movie on the television, I never hesitate to watch it. 

Do you have any magical words for everyone out there?! You are all strong wonderful human beings that deserve the good in your life. If it’s hard right now, be strong, and when you can’t be strong let others be strong for you. It’s a tough world out there, and there is room for you, just fight for it. Take your time and breathe. Be happy and live happily. Oh, and keep reading! You may never know what you will find in between the pages.




That concludes another beautiful SPOTLIGHT of one of our fellow bookstagrammers, SHOW HER SOME LOVE & many more to come!

Blog Tour: SENSATION FANTASIES #2 by Kimberly Knight!


SENSATION FANTASIES #2 by Kimberly Knight Release Date: July 22nd


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Blurb: From USA Today bestselling author Kimberly Knight, comes a short, steamy read that you won’t want to put down.


A sacred place free from judgment or inhibitions. The only rule: Ask before you touch.

Sensation is an exclusive black-tie party attended by at least one hundred and fifty of the clubs most privileged members, and held once a month at an undisclosed mansion in Beverly Hills.

You may watch. You may interact. You can come together or you can choose to come alone

The choice is yours.

Would you like it rough? Would you like to be caressed and worshipped? Or would you simply like to observe?

What do you desire?

The Sensation Fantasies is a three-book serial of short, steamy reads (about 30K words each) all releasing over a three week period, starting July 15th.


About the Author: Kimberly Knight is a USA Today Bestselling author who lives in the mountains near a lake in California with her loving husband, who is a great research assistant. Kimberly writes in a variety of genres including romantic suspense, contemporary romance, erotic romance, and paranormal romance. Her books will make you laugh, cry, swoon, and fall in love before she throws you curve balls you never see coming.

When Kimberly isn’t writing, you can find her watching her favorite reality TV shows, binge-watching true crime documentaries, and going to San Francisco Giants games. She’s also a two-time desmoid tumor/cancer fighter, which has made her stronger and an inspiration to her fans.


Connect w/Kimberly: Website: Facebook: Facebook Group: Twitter: Instagram: Bookbub: Goodreads: Amazon:

Release Blitz: Call of Night by Emily Goodwin

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Call of Night, Book #3 in the paranormal romance Thorne Hill series by Emily Goodwin is LIVE!

Copy of cover.jpeg

True love never dies.

Not even when those around me are trying to kill it. With vampire bounty hunters still out for me, having the Grand Coven accuse me of treason against witches is the last thing I need. No one should tell me who I can and cannot love.

Determined not to let anyone or anything get in our way, Lucas and I decide to lay low for a while and let everything blow over with my coven while Lucas hunts for the vampires who tried to kidnap me. But things, of course, don’t go according to plan, and when I stumble upon an ancient evil force hiding out in the underground of Chicago, we realize our forbidden romance is the least of our worries.

As we search for a way to defeat unbeatable odds, I start to discover that things aren’t what they seem…including my very existence.

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Download your copy today or read FREE in Kindle Unlimited!


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About Emily:

Emily Goodwin is the New York Times and USA Today Bestselling author of over a dozen of romantic titles. Emily writes the kind of books she likes to read, and is a sucker for a swoon-worthy bad boy and happily ever afters.

She lives in the midwest with her husband and two daughters. When she’s not writing, you can find her riding her horses, hiking, reading, or drinking wine with friends.

Emily is represented by Julie Gwinn of the Seymour Agency.

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BLOG TOUR: My Brother’s Billionaire Best Friend by Max Monroe

MBBBF - BT banner

One minute, I’m a woman trying to find her way in the world, and the next, I’m the sender of six of the most embarrassing text messages that have ever been sent in the history of time—or the cell phone.


My Brother’s Billionaire Best Friend, a hilarious romantic comedy from New York Times bestselling author Max Monroe, is available now!


Mabel “Maybe” Willis died a virgin at the very young age of twenty-four.

She leaves behind her parents, Betty and Bruce, her brother, Evan, a laptop filled with one too many Jason Momoa memes, and a Kindle library with more books than one human being could ever finish in a lifetime.

Cause of death: a text message.

Okay. So, I didn’t die.

But I may as well have.

One minute, I’m a woman trying to find her way in the world, and the next, I’m the sender of six of the most embarrassing text messages that have ever been sent in the history of time—or the cell phone. Whatever.

We’re talking code red, send a flipping mayday, the apocalypse is coming kind of texts.

And I didn’t just send them to some random person I’ll never see again.

No. That would be too easy.

I sent them to Milo Ives.

The man who played a starring role in all of my teenage fantasies—and my brother’s lifelong best friend.

And, boy oh boy, has he grown up.

He’s hard-bodied, blue-eyed, jawline-of-stone handsome, crazy successful, and has more money in his bank account than my brain can fathom.

Deflower me, please? I said.

Yeah. Send help.

MBBBF - AN 12.09.21 PM.jpg

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Maybe Here I rest, you guys. I. Mother-flapjacking P. to me. And now, I’m coming to you live from what I believe is the afterlife. Just think of this as that morning show with Kelly Ripa and Ryan Seacrest, Live with Kelly and Ryan. Only, change the name to DEAD with Maybe, take away the celebrity guests, and fill the audience with people who don’t mind witnessing a full-on embarrassment-fueled emotional breakdown. Good God, if I would’ve known I was going to kick the bucket right before I reached twenty-five, I sure as shit wouldn’t have spent the last six years of my life slaving away at Stanford for a bachelor’s and master’s degree in English Lit. I would’ve partied in college rather than studying until my eyeballs bled. I would’ve danced on bars. Flashed some nip for beads at Mardi Gras. Actually gone to Mardi Gras. I would have indulged in unlimited pasta night at the Olive Garden instead of counting carbs, and I wouldn’t have stopped binge-watching Game of Thrones on season flipping six. I would have tongue-kissed loads of guys and spread my legs like a contortionist for any of them who seemed reasonably adept. You know, a little bam-bam in my ham-ham. Some not-too-big, but not-too-small P in my V. A good old-fashioned pants-off dance-off… Sex, you guys. I’m talking about sex. And if you haven’t picked up what I’m putting down from my delirious ramble, I’ll lay it out for you. I’ve yet to be sexed up by anyone. That’s right. I have officially bought myself a one-way ticket to the afterlife as a virgin for-freaking-eternity. And now, I guess I’ll never know how it feels to have an actual penis rub up against my G-spot because, you know, I’m dead. And I’m pretty certain God probably frowns upon people flashing their boobs at the angels and public displays of leg-spreading and definitely the unchaste actions of a desperate-to-bone but unwed woman. No way. Heaven’s strictly G-rated. I put it all off. I figured I had time. I mean, I thought I’d at least get to see The Office do a reunion special before I went lights out for good. Although, my parents’ flower shop feels more like purgatory than heaven, and I thought for sure I’d be wearing something other than jean shorts and Converse when I headed to meet the Big Guy upstairs. Honestly, the afterlife feels eerily like real life, and I’m not one to be dramatic, but I have to be dead, you guys. Seriously. Because no one could live through what I did. I’m talking a 10.0 on the Richter Scale of embarrassing and awkward. A Category 5 hurricane of humiliation. A twisting, catastrophic EF5 tornado of comedic disaster. No freaking way I survived that…right? Okay. Fine. So, I can be a little dramatic sometimes… And maybe, just maybe, I’m exaggerating things a bit here, but I’m doing it in the name of self-preservation. Because, trust me, if you did what I did, you’d let yourself mentally pretend to be dead for a little bit too. Because if I’m not dead, I’m going to have to face the consequences of my awful, humiliating, cringeworthy actions. I’m going to have to face him. Milo Ives—a tall, handsome, unbelievably sexy drink of water. A man I’ve known since I was a prepubescent girl. A man I’ve basically been crushing on my whole damn life. A billion-dollar-empire kind of successful man who just so happens to be my brother’s best friend. I’ll say it again for the folks in the back. Milo Ives is my brother’s billionaire best friend. And I’m in way over my head.

About Max Monroe:

A secret duo of romance authors team up under the New York Times and USA Today Bestselling pseudonym Max Monroe to bring you sexy, laugh-out-loud reads.

Max Monroe is the New York Times and USA Today Bestselling author of more than ten contemporary romance titles. Favorite writing partners and long time friends, Max and Monroe strive to live and write all the fun, sexy swoon so often missing from their Facebook newsfeed. Sarcastic by nature, their two writing souls feel like they’ve found their other half. This is their most favorite adventure thus far. ​

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Release Blitz : Infinite by Corinne Michaels

Infinite (Book Two in the Indefinite Duet)

Release Date: July 22, 2019


I was right. I never should’ve fallen back in love with Quinn. I always knew we wouldn’t make it. And to make matters worse, not only did I lose my soulmate—I lost myself as well.

Everything was stripped away, leaving me bare and unable to breathe. No one told me it could hurt this much. I was unprepared for this level of agony from the horrible weight of grief. I planned to love him infinitely. But what is infinity, when love always ends?

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About Corinne:

New York Times, USA Today, and Wall Street Journal Bestseller Corinne Michaels is the author of ten romance novels. She’s an emotional, witty, sarcastic, and fun loving mom of two beautiful children. Corinne is happily married to the man of her dreams and is a former Navy wife.

After spending months away from her husband while he was deployed, reading and writing was her escape from the loneliness. She enjoys putting her characters through intense heartbreak and finding a way to heal them through their struggles. Her stories are chock full of emotion, humor, and unrelenting love.

Catch up with Indefinite (Book One):

RELEASE BLITZ – Better With You, Always by Gianna Gabriela

Title: Better With You, Always
Series: Bragan University #3.5
Author: Gianna Gabriela
Genre: Sports Romance Novella
Release Date: July 22, 2019


Mia Collins & Colton Hunter. 

She’s smart and sassy, and he’s a swoon-worthy alpha.

Better With You took us on a journey where Mia & Colton’s love and mutual self-healing was the final destination.  

But their story isn’t over.

When it comes to these two, they’re better together. Always.

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Author Bio

Gianna Gabriela is a small-town girl living in the Big Ol’ City of New York. She’s been reading for years and calls it her addiction. Her favorite genre to read is anything in the YA, NA, and Contemporary Romance realm. She’s a writer of the sexy alphas you want and the strong heroines you need.

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RELEASE BLITZ – Assassin’s Prey by Ella Sheridan

Title: Assassin’s Prey
Series: Assassins #3
Author: Ella Sheridan
Genre: Romantic Suspense
Release Date: July 22, 2019


I killed my first man at the age of twelve. I’ve been killing ever since. I thought it was all I lived for…until Abby. Until the woman I’d kidnapped became the woman I couldn’t walk away from.

She owns a piece of me I wouldn’t take back, but the rest? The only way to protect her is to hold back the parts inside me that are too ugly to ever reveal. I’ll keep her safe, even from me.

And it works. We have the nights, and I hunt my way through the days. Alone.

Until an attack reveals a threat we didn’t see coming. One that could take away the dream I didn’t realize I had.

Everything. With her.

I’m on the hunt of my life. My prey might run, but in this fight—for her, for us—they don’t stand a chance. 

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“We need to talk.”

I hated how everything that came out of my mouth sounded like I was barking orders. Some pansy-ass prince charming could probably soothe her, croon in her ear; I sounded like a drill sergeant whipping her into shape.

Abby ignored the demand and dug into her clothes. When she pulled out a pair of panties, a growl ripped from my chest.

“Save it, Levi.”

I pushed to my feet. “Ignoring what happened won’t make it go away. We have to deal—”

“What if I don’t want to?” she snapped. Pajama bottoms came out next. “Maybe I just want to live in a fantasy world for one night. Reality is calling insurance companies and finding a new place to live. Reality is knowing someone hates me enough to bomb my house, and that you don’t love me. Why would I want to face all that?”

She stood up, her pajamas gripped tight in one hand. Every line of her body rejected me, but I couldn’t let it go. I couldn’t let her go on believing…

“I never said I don’t love you.”

Abby scoffed. “You never said you do, either. You never said you want to build a life together. You never said you wanted a future.”

Because a man like me doesn’t have a future. “I’m an assassin,” I pointed out. “I kill people for a living. What kind of future is that?”

Abby refused to look at me. “Exactly. No future.”

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Cover Reveal

Title: Assassin’s Heart
Series: Assassin’s #4
Author: Ella Sheridan
Genre: Romantic Suspense
Cover Design: Mayhem Cover Creations
Release Date: August 26, 2019


My brother believes he made me a killer. The truth is, I’ve always been different. I can smile while sliding a knife between your ribs—and not feel a moment of regret.

Until Leah.

A man like me shouldn’t have a family. But the minute I opened my eyes from a coma and saw her, I knew I’d forever be tied to her. A nurse who nurtures life. A mother.

I’ve stalked her for two years, unable to stop but refusing to give in to the need to have her. To love her. Until the night her daughter is taken. I’ll light up the world to get Leah’s child back to her.

And then I’ll walk away for good. Not because it’s the right thing to do, but because I know how she’ll look at me after seeing who I truly am.

She’ll see the murderer inside me. And God help me, but she’ll be right.

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Author Bio

Ella Sheridan never fails to take her readers to the dark edges of love and back again. Strong heroines are her signature, and her heroes span the gamut from hot rock stars to alpha bodyguards and everywhere in between. Ella never pulls her punches, and her unique combination of raw emotion, hot sex, and action leave her readers panting for the next release.

Born and raised in the Deep South, Ella writes romantic suspense, erotic romance, and hot BDSM contemporaries. Start anywhere—every book may be read as a standalone, or begin with book one in any series and watch the ties between the characters grow.

★ Anything can happen in the shadows of a sultry Southern night. Explore the heat with the SOUTHERN NIGHTS romantic suspense series.
★ Secrets and sex abound in the SECRETS TO HIDE contemporary romance series.
★ Dark desires come to the fore in IF ONLY, a BDSM contemporary series.

“The perfect blend of suspense and romance.” – Guilty Pleasures Book Reviews

“Ms. Sheridan writes suspense that grabs you and won’t let go.” – Tea and Book

“The perfect kind of naughty…with [characters] that have great chemistry.” – Alpha Book Club

“A great plot, likable characters, witty banter, and seductively wicked love scenes—the perfect recipe!” – Blogging by Liza

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RELEASE BLITZ – Refrain by Anne Mercier

Title: Refrain
Series: Rockstar #16
Author: Anne Mercier
Genre: Adult Contemporary Romance
Release Date: July 22, 2019


As a child, I trusted no one.
Then I found my best friends.
They gave me a family and saved me from a life of abuse that still has me messed up.

Then one of those best friends captured my heart.
Lincoln, tough yet tender, a walking contradiction.
He loves me too—flaws and all.
He’s the most patient man on the earth and understands my PTSD.

What he doesn’t understand is why our being intimate makes me feel “dirty”.
He’s not one of the men who abused me and he’d never hurt me. I know this. I believe it.
Still, the “dirty” creeps in even though I know what we do together is anything but.

He’s here now and he’s going to stay.
It’s time for me to talk to someone professionally.
I need to shed my unhealthy past in order to have a healthy future with the man I love.
If I don’t, I just might lose the best thing that’s ever happened to me—and there’s not enough therapy in the world to get me through that.

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Unedited Refrain Excerpt
©2019 Anne Mercier

I’m hopeful for a world with more
love, acceptance, and compassion for others.
Lily Aldridge

“Uncle Linc?” Kadi prompts.
“Yeah, darlin’?”
“You remember the day I wanted to ask you a question, but you had to go training with Jabber Jaws?”
I laugh out loud. Best nickname ever. Jabs is gonna never live this one down.
“I remember.”
“Can I ask them now?”
“Sure. Do you want to go in another room?”
Kadi tilts her head, considering. “No. I think here is okay.”
She takes a seat across from me at the breakfast table. The table is no more than a very long picnic table with long moveable benches.
“Ask away, Tiny Dancer.”
She smiles at that. The kid’s barely seven and she dances like a pro.
“The other day, I saw you and Uncle Ethan kissing.” She quickly turns to her dad, Jace, and says, “I swear I wasn’t spying.”
Jace nods an okay and, holy fuck, just what has that girl seen? More than a few of us shift uncomfortably.
“Mommy Summer says you’re only supposed kiss like that if you love someone a whole lot.”
Oh hell.
“Do you love Uncle Ethan a whole lot?”
Well, fuck me sideways. Except for Ethan choking on a bite of waffle, not a sound can be heard. We haven’t even had much of a discussion. I pat him on the back, so he doesn’t choke. We just got used to saying, “I love you”. It’s not awkward or weird. Why would it be? We’ve been in love with each other for years, though we didn’t say it much until I moved here. I don’t know why.
Maybe just in case we’d never be together.
I run a hand over my face and chuckle. “Nothing like putting your Uncle Linc on the spot, huh?”
She just stares at me. Waiting for an answer.
“Of course I love Ethan a whole lot.”
“Like, love like you love Jesse or love-love like Daddy loves Summer?”
I give Jace a glance and he’s over there grinning like the tool he is. I point at him. He’s just been put on notice.
“Definitely love-love,” I tell her, looking at Ethan and giving him a wink. He’s next to me nervous as fuck, not knowing whether to laugh or cry. I hope the wink set him at ease. He hates being in the spotlight.
“So… how does that work? Can two boys get married?” she asks.
“Lord have mercy on my soul, this kid,” I mumble as I drop my forehead to the table and roll it back and forth.
She pushes my head up with her tiny hands, pulling my skin and hair back. Jace laughs out loud and Summer coughs to cover hers. The rest of the family, well, they’re trying not to be loud, but I can hear them laughing.
I sit up and look down the table at them. “At least Summer had the decency to try to hide her laugh. Fuckers.”
Kadi looks at me with dollar signs in her eyes, and I point at her.
“No way, kid. That’s a freebie. You’re asking me some pretty hard questions here. I get some freebies,” I tell her.
She shrugs. “But you didn’t answer.”
“Yes, two men can get married. They just adjusted the law a few years ago,” I tell her.
She climbs up onto the table top and sits cross-legged in front of me. Just staring. I don’t want to know what’s coming next. This kid kinda scares me.
“If you love Ethan a whole lot and he loves you a whole lot, why aren’t you married?” Kadi asks with a smile.
Ethan spits his juice out and it hits Jace in the face. Serves the fucker right for letting his girl keep on like she is.
“Aren’t you just full of questions today,” Lucy asks with a snicker.
Kadi nods, but it wasn’t even a question. She’s the one who has all the questions.
“Kadi, we just haven’t talked about getting married yet.”
“Well, why not if you’re in love? Weddings are romantic. I could be your Best Girl—you know, instead of a best man.”
I can’t help but laugh. She’s relentless. “When the time comes, Tiny Dancer, you’ll be my Best Girl. I promise.”
Ethan’s still choking on the juice he swallowed wrong at the word “married” so I pat him on the back.
Who can blame him? I’ve been keeping things to myself, keeping him at a distance, and he really has no clue how I feel about things, about the future. For that matter, neither do I. Looks like we’ll have to have a talk later.
Kadi looks at me with a twinkle in her eye.
“What about babies?”
“Fuck this. I’m outta here,” I mutter, getting up and leaving the kitchen. I hear everyone laughing behind me. I turn and meet Ethan’s gaze. He’s smirking in that sexy way he does, and I smile back.
“That’s a freebie, Kadi,” he tells her, and I send him a wink before I head to the gym.
Holy fucking hell. Everyone’s worried about Kiki aka the She-Devil. Not me. Hell no. I’m more worried about Kadi the Inquisitor. That kid. She’s going to be the death of me. I know it.

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Author Bio

Anne Mercier is the International Bestselling author of the Rockstar, Truths, Forbidden Fantasies, The Way series, and the Kiss duet. She writes adult contemporary romance, new adult contemporary romance, and mature young adult romance. She was born and raised in Wisconsin and still lives there today. 

When Anne’s not writing she enjoys reading amazing books, listening to music, keeping up on all things Avenged Sevenfold and Milo Ventimiglia, chatting with readers and friends, and binging Netflix series.

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RELEASE BOOST – Hell on Wheels by Penny Dee

Title: Hell on Wheels
Series: Kings of Mayhem MC #4
Author: Penny Dee
Genre: MC Romance/Ex-Navy SEAL
Release Date: July 16, 2019


I left here a man but came back a beast


A shoulder-fired missile broke my body.
But betrayal obliterated my heart.
For months I lingered in and out of hell until my body healed.
Now I’m back in town with my club brothers. They think I am ok. But I am still fighting a war of darkness in my head and I can’t see a way out.
Then she comes into town like a summer breeze and makes me feel things I didn’t know existed.
She has the voice of an angel and the body of a goddess.
But she is running from her own demons. From the Devil himself.
He’s coming to town and she’s scared. But I’ve walked through hell and survived.
And I’ll walk through it again to protect her.


I’ve spent years running from my past.
Town to town.
State to state.
Never putting down roots.
Then I meet a beautiful, scarred beast of man who makes me feel something for the first time of my life…hope.
He makes me want to stay but it’s an impossibility.
Because the Devil is coming for me and when he arrives I won’t stand a chance.

Hell on Wheels is book four in the Kings of Mayhem MC series.

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Author Bio

Penny Dee writes contemporary romance about rockstars, bikers, hockey players and everyone in-between. She believes true love never runs smoothly, and her characters realize this too, with a boatload of drama and a whole lot of steam.

She found her happily ever after in Australia where she lives with her husband, daughter and a dog named Bindi.

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COVER REVEAL – Holding Mia by Terri Anne Browning

Title: Holding Mia
Series: Rockers’ Legacy #1
Author: Terri Anne Browning
Genre: New Adult Contemporary Romance
Cover Design: Sara Eirew, Sara Eirew Photographer
Release Date: August 27, 2019


They call me the rocker’s princess, some even call me the dance prodigy, but none of them knows the real Mia Armstrong.

Now that dancing is no longer my future, I don’t know either.

All I want is the opportunity to find out, to have some time to try being just a little normal. To discover who this new girl is.

I fought for the chance to go to college on my own. Without the guards overshadowing my shot at a real college experience, drawing unwanted attention and making it impossible to learn new things about myself.

My goal was to get my degree and start my own dance school. Barrick wasn’t part of that goal, but suddenly, he was everywhere—and I was so damn tempted. His arms felt so good wrapped around me, making me feel safer than I’d ever felt in my life.

But Barrick had more secrets than I could ever hope to uncover.

And one just might break me completely.

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Author Bio

Terri Anne Browning is a USA TODAY bestselling author. Being dyslexic, she never thought a career in writing would be possible, yet she has been on bestselling lists multiple times since 2013. Reese: A Safe Haven Novella was her first Indie published book. The Rocker Who Holds Me changed the tables and kicked off The Rocker… series featuring the sinfully delicious members of Demon’s Wings. The Rocker… Series is now complete with 12 books and the occasional novella. Other books by Terri Anne include the Angel’s Halo MC Series, as well as The Lucy & Harris Novella Series, The Vitucci Mafiosos Series, and The Tainted Knights Rocker Series.

Terri Anne lives in Virginia with her husband, their three demons—err, children–and a hyper Frenchie named Grunt.

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