Cover Reveal – Work For It by Talia Hibbert


โ€œHeโ€™s burning me down to the bone. Theyโ€™ll find the scar of him on my remains.โ€

In this village, Iโ€™m an outcast: Griffin Everett, the scowling giant who prefers plants to people. Then I meet Keynes, a stranger from the city whoโ€™s everything Iโ€™m not: sharp-tongued, sophisticated, beautiful. Free. For a few precious moments in a dark alleyway, heโ€™s also mine, hot and sweet under the starsโ€ฆ until he crushes me like dirt beneath his designer boot.

When the prettiest man Iโ€™ve ever hated shows up at my job the next day, Iโ€™m not sure if I want to strangle him or drag him into bed. Actuallyโ€”I think I want both. But Keynes isnโ€™t here for the likes of me: he makes that painfully clear. With everyone else at work, heโ€™s all gorgeous, glittering charm, but when I get too close? He turns vicious.

And yet, I canโ€™t stay away. Because thereโ€™s something about this ice king that sets me on fire, a secret vulnerability that makes my chest ache. Iโ€™ll do whatever it takes to sneak past his walls and see the real man again.

The last thing I expect is for that man to ruin me.


Iโ€™m the village outcast, the scowling giant who prefers plants to people. Heโ€™s a stranger from the city, and the prettiest man Iโ€™ve ever hated. Wanting him is painful; being without him is impossible. This ice kingโ€™s burning me down to the bone.


This book contains mentions of depression, parental suicide, and intimate photographs being shared without consent, which could trigger certain audiences.


This sounds a little complicated, soโ€ฆ. deep breath!

Work for It is a standalone romance. However, the story stars Olumide Olusegun-Keynes, who first appears in the Just for Him series โ€“ most notably book two, Undone by the Ex-Con. In Undone, the heroine is Keynesโ€™s sister Lizzie, and her journey is driven by the need to protect her brother. So, in short, I would call this a spin-off. Those whoโ€™ve read the Just for Him books will enjoy the recurring characters; those who havenโ€™t, arenโ€™t missing anything.


Available in ebook format on the 3rd of September 2019. Paperback release date to follow (2020).


Amazon ASIN: B07VMB9ZK4 | ยฃ3.99 GBP | $3.99 USD | $4.99 CAD | $5.99 AUS


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