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(NOT) THE ONE by Donna Alam

Release Date: September 19th

Genre: Contemporary Romance


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Three reasons why rebound s-e-x with my hot neighbor is a very bad idea.

My life is already complicated enough

  1. He knows I wear Batman undies (please don’t ask)
  2. He’s older, sophisticated and so hot he makes me go weak at the knees

I know that’s more than three. But it still didn’t stop me.

On paper, we’re the worst kind of match.

He’s rich.

I’m . . . not. My second job is pet sitting!

He says we’re friends.

I say barely, but I do love those benefits . . .

The man rocks my world.

But he’s so not the one.

Which is unfortunate,

Because he’s also the one who got me pregnant.



‘I’m not having sex with you!’ Did I shout that? God, I hope not. The office is in an

old refurbished warehouse with brick walls, wooden floors, and cavernous

ceilings—the noise carries terribly. ‘You know what, James, Harry, or whoever you

are? I’ve got a lot to do this afternoon so we’re going to make this very quick.’

‘I can do quick.’

‘That’s not something to smirk about.’ Damn.

‘It’s a skill,’ he replies smoothly. ‘One that’s especially important for the time poor.

If you’re very, very busy, it would only take me a couple of minutes to get you off.’

‘I don’t need clarification,’ I almost cry. He steps away from the door when I hold

up my hand. ‘And . . and inappropriate.’

‘But a useful skill to have.’

‘This conversation is inappropriate.’

‘You started it, Miranda.’ Why does it sound like he’s purring my name?

‘And now I’m ending it. This can’t happen again.’ I gesture between us like I’m part

of a Taylor Swift tribute act.

We are never-ever-ever having sex together.

‘And it’s James, by the way. Or Harry. Whichever you prefer.’ Great, he’s ignoring

me, though my expression must betray my confusion as he adds, ‘James Harrison, at

your unending service.’

Oh. Well, the whole James/Harry thing makes sense now. Not that it changes


‘I can’t have sex with you.’ Never-ever-ever. Again.

‘Who said anything about sex?’ he says straight-faced, though his eyes glitter with

an unconcealed amusement

‘You did. Sexual service—unending.’

‘That sounds painful. But I’m game to try. As well as quick, I can also do slow but

then you know that already.’

He’s deliberately trying to goad me, and what’s more, it’s working. I’m hot—too hot.

My cheeks are burning and while I’d like to say they’re fiery with indignation, it

would be a lie. It’s more like I’m burning with need for him.

‘It doesn’t matter.’ I pull on the hem of my shirt then clear my throat. ‘Like I said,

Friday was a one off.’

‘A onetime thing?’ He takes a step closer and I take one back.


‘A onetime thing twice?’ Another step for him and another for me, almost like he’s

leading me in a dance.

‘Congratulations, so you can count.’

‘Yes, and I didn’t even have to use my fingers. But I could if you want me to,’ he

taunts. I think I might spontaneously combust if he gets any closer. ‘You know what

else I can do? See through your bluster. You’re scared.’ My thighs meet the edge of

Olivia’s desk and I realise I’ve nowhere else to go.

‘Scared of you?’ I aim for derision but end up sounding like I’m asking a question.

Am I scared? Yes, I probably am. I’m not going to say he’s the kind of man I could fall

in love with because he’s not like any kind of man I’ve ever known. He’s just too

different. Too handsome. Too rich. And altogether too much.

‘You’re scared of letting yourself like me. For more than my cock, that is.’

And . . . I forgot one. He’s also much too full of himself.


About the Author:

USA Today bestselling author Donna writes dirty stories, according to her family. She hopes you find them funny, too.

When not bashing away at a keyboard, she can usually be found hiding from her family and responsibilities with a good book in her hand and a dog that looks like a grey mop by her feet.

She likes her humour and wine dry, her mojitos sweet, and her language salty.


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