[CLOSED!] GIVEAWAY: Holiday Passionflix Giveaway!!

Hello everyone!
I have decided to share the love a bit with PASSIONFLIX which is the most amazing show that is turning our favorite romance novels into movies and series. ROMANCE ON DEMAND as they say! So, I have come up with something sweet since we just had a new movie come out this month & so many more at the beginning of the year! With that said, here are the rules:


I want to make this as simple as possible, all you have to do it:
-FOLLOW MY BLOG (if you chose to unsubscribe after giveaway, unfortunately that will take you out of being able to enter in the future but I totally do understand.)
-Like & Comment with: which favorite book of yours would you want to see turned into a movie/series?

There is an EXTRA section which will enter you in again with each social media share: How it works, if you chose to share the photo above on your FB, IG, TWITTER or anywhere else please tag me, so I can see it. If it’s on your blog or website page(s) screenshot and post it here or send it to me. (here is the link you can use for posts or simply refer everyone to my IG page where the DIRECT LINK will be in my bio!) LINK: https://theguidetoromancenovels.com/2019/12/21/giveaway-holiday-passionflix-giveaway/
IG: @theguidetoromancenovels
FB: @theguideto.romancenovels.16
Twitter: @theguidetoroma1

THAT’S IT! This is open to EVERYONE! Open till My Birthday 12/26!!

28 thoughts on “[CLOSED!] GIVEAWAY: Holiday Passionflix Giveaway!!

  1. My favorite book is being made into a movie, Gabriel’s Inferno. I’m beyond excited! The cast is absolutely perfect. Thanks for the chance, Emina!


    1. I want to see This Man in a movie, this is the book that save me in a critical moment of my life… also I want to see the protector movie that it’s available already. Gabriel’s Inferno is one of them too.


  2. I would love to see more Kristen Ashley books being adapted into movies or series. I actually think all the Rock Chick books would make a good series and that any book from the Colorado Mountain series would make great movies. I just know that I could most definitely watch anything based off her books over and over again.


  3. I’m already happy that Driven was adapted, but would love for Bloodlines Series by Richelle Mead to be adapted to a tv series.


  4. I want see This Man in a movie or series, is the book that change my life and save me in a difficult moment, I want to see in the future Gabriel’s inferno and already I want see the protector movie.


  5. I like several, The Secret Life of Amy Bensen Series, Gabriel’s Inferno, Ugly love, but I fell in love with the movie of The matchmakers playbook
    Thank you for the opportunity ,
    Greetings from Spain


  6. Im really excite because they are making on of my favorite series into a movie:Gabriels Inferno. Im just in love with Gabriel Emerson!


  7. Hard to choose from so many books I love!
    Love to see anything from Julie James, Lauren Layne, Susan Elizabeth Phillips!
    Kiss of an Angel by Susan as a first.


  8. It’s difficult to choose from so many books I love. But would love to see anything come alive from Julie James, Lauren Layne & Susan Elizabeth Philips.

    Kiss of an Angel by Susan for starters!


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