R E V I E W ➠ Gabriel’s Promise by Sylvain Reynard


When Gabriel and Julia Emerson first lay eyes on their newborn daughter, Clare, they realize life as they know it will never be the same. Gabriel has vowed to be a good father when he suddenly receives an invitation to give a series of lectures in Edinburgh, Scotland–an opportunity of high prestige–but that would mean leaving his wife and newborn child in Boston. Hesitant to bring it up, he keeps the opportunity from Julia as long as he can, not knowing she has a secret of her own. When a frightening situation arises that threatens to break their new family apart, both parents must make sacrifices. With the family in danger, the looming question remains: Will Gabriel pursue his lectureship in Edinburgh, leaving Julia and Clare unprotected in Boston, or will he abandon the chance of a lifetime in order to ensure his family’s safety?

RELEASE DATE: January 7, 2019

“Thy love is better than wine,” he whispered in the darkness. “I’ll never get over my desire for you.”

Not my first read by the author & will not be the last. She was one of my first reads waaay back many moons ago and I have loved this series since the first few pages of Book #1 that said I DID NOT WANT TO READ THIS BOOK, why? Because if I do then it’s truly over, over for this series and I wasn’t ready to let it go haha!! It was a struggle! Also, this is Book #4 in a series and can not be read as a stand alone, you will ruin the series by reading this first, I’m only saying it because enough people I know have.

Alright, this starts of with you crying because it’s so so so sweet! The Professor is magical and sweet and just EVERYTHING! I personally don’t want to say why in my review because I think it would ruin the whole series too much, just know that the beginning of this is based on another being and it super sweet will melt your heart away! But as always nothing given comes without a price. For Mr & Mrs. Emerson this comes in a form of an e-mail. You get the old professor as well as the now new professor, same old beautiful, smart sassy and funny Julia (his Beatrice).

This book contains the previous book characters, some new and a lot of mystery, suspense and romance and as always the most important which the careers of them both, curve balls and hurtle to overcome this time….oh and SEXY scenes, mmmhm yes please! It’s catching, keeps you going and the words, this author, if you’ve read her you know that every word of hers in well thought of and beautiful. To say that this killed me, is an understatement because again, I didn’t want it to end. Just wait till you get the familiarity along with the new, you’ll want to read faster! What a beautiful ending…wish it could go on forever but for now, farewell one of my favorite hero & heroine!!
Little warning: watch out for Cecilia *insert eye roll*

Rating: ★★★★★
Romance: ♡♡♡♡
Steamy: 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Type: Book #4 of Series
Recommended: ☑ HIGHLY!
⇨ H A P P Y – R E A D I N G ⇦

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