SPOTLIGHT 2020! Featuring: Samantha Watson


to my SPOTLIGHT 2020! New version of my BOOKSTAGRAMMER SPOTLIGHT I featured in 2019. I decided to bring it back and feature some more amazing people who run in this crazy world of ROMANCE! Please enjoy & show some love to:


Name: Samantha Watson

About: Im 22, born in Penrith NSW, Sydney Australia. My favourite colour is baby blue, I have 3 siblings all younger (2 sisters and a brother), im a libra, I have 12 tattoos my favourite one being the Grinch and 15 piercings. I completed high school in 2015 and received my HSC. I went on a Contiki in 2016 for my 19th and got to spend it in Paris – my favourite place in the world. I play netball and love bingeing TV shows and movies. I have two papillons named Stormie and Buddy and my mum has one named Bossy.


Logo name? samsbookstagram__

How/Why did you come up with it? I honestly didn’t know much about bookstagram and this was just something simple. I do want to change it but honestly can’t think of anything.

When did you start Bookstagramming? What was the first thing you did?  I started my bookstagram account in July 2019 because I wanted somewhere,I could fangirl over books and talk books with someone. I have made some amazing bookstagram friends who I hope to meet one day.

Did you have any help at the beginning or winged it? Winged it big time as you could probably tell by my pictures.

What is your favorite part you would say and why? Honestly making friends and being able to talk books. I never realized how many people were involved in the bookstagram community. I love seeing the amazing photos and getting inspiration.

What platforms do you use? (for things like posts on any of the social media’s? Or at least your favorite ones? That means APP’S & SO FORTH) I only use 1 app to brighten up my photos as I have horrible lighting.

What social media’s are you on? And do you have a favorite? I have Facebook, Twitter, Goodreads and my personal Instagram.

Do you have any tips and tricks about blogging? (if you’re a blogger) No but I wish I was

Have you had any bad/negative experiences on Bookstagram? Of course. There will always be negative people who want to bring you down but I don’t focus on them.

Do you have any goals that you haven’t yet been able to get to, concerning your account? Finding a theme that works. Im just not happy with my photos.

Do you think Bookstagram is an effective platform to express your opinion on books? Yes, I love being able to review and get opinions from fellow booklovers. It also helps me write reviews.

What do you use camera vise when taking book photography? (if you do photography) Only my phone.

Do you use your own props? Is there a fun or MAGICAL way you set it all up? (loc, props…) I use my own props which are basic, like candles, bookmarks etc.


Tell us, do you know the exact amount of paperback you own? How about ebooks? (I suggest not to count because I did & I regretted it) I currently own 550 paperback and ebooks around 300.

Do you prefer paper or kindle? I prefer the convenience of a kindle like at night when I’m too lazy and comfortable to turn off the light but I do love holding a paperback.

Do you know your first paperback/ebook? My first paperback was Dirty Bastard by Christina Lauren followed by Fifty Shades of Grey by E.L James.

Do you remember your very first read? My very first paperback read was Dirty Bastard by Christina Lauren and my first ebook read was The Deal by Elle Kennedy.

What is your current read? I am about to start Crossing The Line by Kendall Ryan

What is your least favorite read? I can’t think of one.

How many books have you read so far this year? Im on book 8 for the year.

What book are you anticipating most in 2020? Happy Ever After Playlist by Abby Jiminez and Wild At Heart by K.A. Tucker

What is it that draws you to a book? (picture, blurb, author..or all?) Covers draw me in followed by a blurb. If there is a lot of hype on a book I tend to check that out as well.

Do you have a favorite genre you read? And why? I am a romance reader through and through. I don’t enjoy historical romance at all, its just not my cup of tea. I love reading about love and all the different tropes.

What is your favorite part about a story? (the beginning get to know each other, the sexy scenes, the middle right before the peak…) I love it all. I love a slow burn and I love the sex scenes. I love getting lost in a good romance book.

Now, the real important question -> What is your favorite book & why! Honestly the hardest question ever! I am always tossing between two books. The Deal by Elle Kennedy and Beautiful Bastard by Christina Lauren. Both such amazing books. I love CLo so much they are my favourite authors. But there is just something about The Deal that always brings it back to being my number 1. It’s a college romance I guess enemies to lovers. Garrett is everything I would want in a boyfriend and Hannah was just an amazing human who suffered something horrific in her past. I will always love this book.

Do you have any magical words for everyone out there?! Don’t compare yourself to some else you see on bookstagram or in life. You are individually great and have your own uniqueness to you.

That concludes this SPOTLIGHT, hope you enjoyed it and gotten to know you fellow BOOKSTAGRAMMER, I sure have. SHOW HER some love. Thank you for participating!!