My DO NOT READ List: Tropes and Types I do not read!


I have decided that after officially reviewing books for a few years now, that I never though about how much certain tropes, types and actions bother me and therefore I am not able to enjoy the book. This is more of an extreme list for me and of course for any author out there that is wanting to request a REVIEW from me of their masterpiece. Keeping that in mind, this is MY PREFERENCES and the fact that I have similar if not same every single time I encounter them, makes me leery of reading a new author.

I usually request ARC’s therefore it’s safe author’s for me, even some new author’s I have given tries with me falling in love with their blurb’s and covers. I have a smaller chance of encountering this issue I am address here. I also want to explain that I am NOT a ‘I’ll read anything’ reader. I really do like my romance but to an extend that if it’s taken away, I do not enjoy reading.

  1. YA – I want to explain what young adult romance means to me: young characters (I don’t really have an age preference for this because I have read younger characters that were very mature) I would say anything from high school through part college/end.
  2. MATURITY – this is a HUGE huge issue with my reading love. Also goes in hand with the YA, but the maturity I understand comes with the YA but it turns me off so much that I lose interest and if I continue would be just to skim through to get the jist idea or hate read and I do not like to hate-read, but it has happened.
  3. CHEATING: Absolutely do not tolerate cheating in my reading, that includes the author writing an explicit scene of the hero having intercourse with another woman. It turns me off, it ruins the romance aspect for me, it’s just HELL NO! Seriously get mad at this and makes me want to hate the book and call it a day. I am sure there are a lot of readers out there that don’t care but I do. (I do read dark romance and am well aware that the hero does some things with other woman, if written right it’s nothing explicit, this also does not include when the hero is with someone before anything with the heroine, acknowledge it and move on. That’s also a trope I do not enjoy reading.

That’s about it, I mean I am sure I can come up with a lot of other specifics but what will make me DNF a book is, mainly this and something to do with it. I just wanted to voice some of the things that make it hard for me to read. I like what I like and I don’t think I should be punished for not liking or connecting with a book. I have a lot of author that immediately take it the wrong way and I’m the bad guy. Just a little more of m reading style!!

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