Cover Re-Reveal: Lies That Bind Us by K.L. Clare

Lies That Bind (Beautiful White Lies #1) Us by K.L. Clare

Will Hastings watches Ellie James, falls in love with her, but can he really save her—and keep her for himself? This steamy romance lures historical events into a dark, contemporary love story.

I see him on the street, encounter him at the pier. I feel him everywhere. He’s there when my family is murdered, and I must decide: is this man someone I can trust, a killer—or both? Falling for him is easy because I have nothing more to lose. But my seven-year-old niece does. So I take her and run to England with him.

His stately country house is my refuge, but it’s his sensual and commanding presence that becomes my home and strengthens me. A rising dark threat closes in, and we vow to defy the course of fatal events before us. We promise to live. The obsession—this intense love story of ours—is the one thing we can’t survive.

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