SPOTLIGHT 2020! Featuring: Marija – Hopeless Romance Readaholic


to my SPOTLIGHT 2020! New version of my BOOKSTAGRAMMER SPOTLIGHT I featured in 2019. I decided to bring it back and feature some more amazing people who run in this crazy world of ROMANCE! Please enjoy & show some love to:


Name: My name is Marija, pronounced like Maria but with a different accent. I feel like I have to say it every time because it sounds very confusing to all of those who’s mother tongue is English. 

About: I’m 33 years old but feel much younger. I’m happily married, at least when I’m not PMSing , for 9 years now but we’ve been together for 14 years. We have 3 amazing kids, two daughters and a son. Being a parent is very challenging but oh so rewarding and it’s the best thing in my life and what I’m most grateful for. My family is everything to me. I was born in a small town in Serbia but I’ve lived almost all of my life in Bosnia and Herzegovina and it feels more like home to me. I love drawing, photography and doing makeup or anything that has to do with being creative. I love coffee! I’m a Gemini and I find that traits that describe this Zodiac sign fit almost perfectly with me. My favorite color is aqua and all those colors in range between blue and green.

My bookstagram handle is Hopeless Romance Readaholic. I named it that way because I’m a hopeless romantic and I’m addicted to reading romance so I put everything together. But if I’m being totally honest I’m not in love with it, so I might be changing it into something shorter.
I’m bad with dates, but I think I started like 3-4 years ago. I wanted to share my love for books with people who actually read because I’m not surrounded by them. And I found so many friends from all around the world, some of those friends I got to meet and we chat all the time. And the best part is that our bookstagram community is so amazing and (almost) everyone is so sweet and they always make me smile and feel great. It’s like my safe haven.
I’m mostly on my Instagram account but I also have a Facebook page with same handle. Facebook is like a totally different universe for me where I don’t feel as comfortable as on Instagram. So I only use it if I have to.

My advice for everyone who’s starting or already is a bookstagrammer is that they stay true to themselves. Do not copy anyone, try to find what fits you and what you feel most comfortable with. Always be honest but never mean and rude. Try to use as many props that you already have and don’t spend too much money. It’s amazing what you can find in your home or outside. Don’t use flash photography! Take as many pictures as you can when the light is perfect and store them for times when you’re too busy to take new ones or when the weather is horrible for taking them.
And remember to always do this if it’s fun! You must not feel pressured to do anything you don’t want to. Take a break if you need one and recharge those batteries. It’s amazing what a few days (or more) without social networking can do to you.

I didn’t have any bad experience being a bookstagrammer. Maybe just cold or different treatment from authors who didn’t like my reviews but I learned to be okay with that. It used to bother me but not anymore. That is maybe one of the biggest reasons why I decided to not read ARCs (advanced reader copy), because I always felt so bad if I didn’t like the book.

Being an international bookstagrammer who reads mostly books by American authors can be challenging sometimes because we don’t get the same opportunities like those living in US. But I understand that shipping costs are really high and I really appreciate anyone reaching out. It means a lot.

Bookstagram is definitely one of the most amazing ways to find about book news, find recommendations, find new authors and admire everyone’s creativity. I take my pictures with Nikon camera which I really love. Edit my pictures in PicsArt app and on Instagram editor. My current favorite filter is Retro, but there are a tons of them to fit your theme. I try to use whatever I have in my home as props and if I buy anything it’s usually something I can use for other things, like my trustworthy fluffy white pillows and small rug. My husband bought me a typewriter from thrift shop, which was a bargain, and I use it as a prop too.

I own around 400 paperbacks and I don’t really know how many ebooks, better not to count them.  I love both. I mostly read ebooks, and because of my tendency to buy books without learning anything about them (not even reading blurbs because I’m all into diving in totally blind) I made some huge mistakes and now I decided to buy only paperbacks of my favorite ebooks. That excludes my auto buy authors like Colleen Hoover.
She’s my favorite author and most read one too. Some of her books are my all time favorite books like November 9, Maybe Someday, Slammed, Hopeless, Ugly Love. And every year I re-read some of her books because they still affect me like the first time and sometimes even more.
Some of my other favorite authors are Jewel E. Ann, Kate Stewart, Laura Thalassa.
And I refuse to choose one book as a favorite! 

I love New Adult, Young Adult, Paranormal Romance, Sports romance, College/High school romance…I also love to read Fantasy books, especially when there’s romance involved. I’m into angsty and emotional books. Love Alphas but Beta male characters are my weakness. I adore antiheroes!
A fierce and strong heroine is a must for me! If I don’t like the heroine it’s 99% possible I won’t like the book either.
My favorite tropes are enemies to lovers, sibling’s best friend, second chance (which is probably funny since I’m so hard on giving second chances). I don’t like mafia, BDSM, dark romance.

My most anticipated books this year are definitely Famine and Death by Laura Thalassa! I feel in love with her writing reading Pestilence and that was my favorite read of 2019. I’m kinda obsessed with it!
I set my reading goal on Goodreads and I will try to read 100 books in 2020. I failed last year but I wasn’t bummed at all. I mostly use it to track my reads and rate/review them. I also set my mind on reading as many new authors I can this year and I already found two whom I loved, P. Dangelico and Kim Holden! I read 7 books this year (first half of January) and I’m on my 8th. I’m currently reading Dirty Letters by Penelope Ward & Vi Keeland. The book which already entered my best book list is without a doubt Bright Side by Kim Holden and even though it’s an ugly cry book, I highly recommend it because it’s a must read. A book with a life lesson and most amazing female character I’ve ever encountered.

So that’s about it. I hope this was fun and I didn’t smother anyone with yapping about myself.  If anyone wants to hang out (virtually) come and stop by on my IG account. Thank you Emina for having me as one of the spotlights. I admire your dedication and your amazing photography skills and I’m so glad we connected through bookstagram.

Be kind everyone and read whatever the hell you want!

That concludes this SPOTLIGHT, hope you enjoyed it and gotten to know you fellow BOOKSTAGRAMMER, I sure have. SHOW THEM some love. Thank you for participating!!