The Last Unforgiven: Cursed, the next epic read in the Sci-Fi Demons Series by Marina Simcoe is NOW LIVE!

Every villain has a backstory.

A millennium is a dreadfully long time to walk the Earth, and memories that last a lifetime are doubly cursed for Raim, the longest serving Grand Master.
Unlike the rest of the Incubi, he doesn’t get the oblivion of Deep Sleep. Instead, he lives through every day of each century, with vivid memories that torment him throughout the endless ages…

Of her, the only woman who ever stirred feelings in his heart.
Of him, the only Incubus who ever had his complete trust.
Of their betrayal, and the way he lost them both…

When The Priory Elder himself comes knocking on his door, delivering the news of the grim future awaiting everyone with demons’ blood in their veins, Raim’s long existence in this world seems to be finally coming to an end.
Every villain has a backstory.
This one is Raim’s.
Warning: The Last Unforgiven: Cursed is not a Romance. It’s the backstory of a villain. There is no HEA. He hasn’t earned it. Not yet.
This book contains descriptions of intimacy and violence. Intended for mature readers.

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About Marina Simcoe

Marina Simcoe likes to write love stories with characters who may or may not be entirely human. She
firmly believes that our contemporary world could use a little bit of the extraordinary!
She has lots of fun exploring how her out-of-this-world characters with their own set of beliefs, values
and aspirations fit into our everyday life.

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