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When lies become the truth.   My name is Reina Ellis. Popular. Beautiful. Untouchable. Problem is, I remember none of it.   His name is Asher Carson. Gorgeous. Silent. Dark. Oh, and my future husband.   He has three rules for me: Iโ€™ll bow. Iโ€™ll break. Iโ€™ll pay for what Iโ€™ve done.   Problem is, I donโ€™t remember what Iโ€™ve done, but I have a clue. There was a fire. A dead girl. And I was there.   All The Lies is a dark new adult book that contains dubious situations some readers might find offensive and/or triggering. If you’re looking for a hero, you won’t find him in Asher Carson. Please don’t read if any of that bothers you.   All The Lies is part of a duet and is NOT standalone. The entire duet will be released two weeks apart.


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  โ€œWhy do you hate me so much?โ€ If you do, why the hell are you engaged to me? โ€œMight have to do with how much of a bitch you are.โ€ โ€œOh, Iโ€™m sorry.โ€ I smile. โ€œDid I steal your title, asshole?โ€ He pauses, head tilting to the side. โ€œWhat did you just call me?โ€ โ€œA-S-S-H-O-L-E.โ€ I continue smiling, taunting him. โ€œDo you want me to spell it for you againโ€”โ€ My words cut off when heโ€™s at my face, kneeling on the bed in front of me. His hand wraps around my throat like a shackle. Heโ€™s not squeezing, but the firm grip is enough to restrict my air supply and my thoughts. A frightening chill forms goose bumps along my skin as I stare at his darkened, merciless eyes. The sense of bravery I gained a few seconds ago evaporates into thin air. My shoulder blades snap together as if telling me I should be scared. This is a scary person. Heโ€™s fucking terrifying. The need to run away from him hits me again, clawing under my skin and pumping in my blood. โ€œYou seem to be taking your amnesia game way too seriously, so let me remind you of how it goes.โ€ His thumb rubs my jaw like a loverโ€™s caress when in fact itโ€™s a Grim Reaperโ€™s kiss. Itโ€™s cold. Everything about him is freezing. My pulse roars in my ears like a distant thunderstorm. Heโ€™s invading my space like a natural disaster, impossible to stop or prevent. Still, I manage to choke words out. โ€œYou think this is a game? What type of person pretends to have lost their memories?โ€ โ€œThe type who doesnโ€™t want people to know what theyโ€™ve done.โ€ โ€œWhat Iโ€™ve done?โ€ โ€œShhh. Donโ€™t talk.โ€ He presses his thumb to my lips, and I canโ€™t help the pulses taking flight under my skin. โ€œWhen I speak, you listen.โ€  


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