R E V I E W ➠ Made for Loving You by Kait Nolan

A wounded warrior
After the catastrophic loss of his best friend in battle, Army Ranger Tyson Brooks trades in his fatigues for a badge, moving to Eden’s Ridge, Tennessee to rebuild his life and find a way to live in a world without Garrett. But no amount of protecting and serving the citizens of Stone County is enough to override the guilt that he simply didn’t do enough.
An incurable romantic
Romance author Paisley Parish has spent her whole career chasing the perfect hero and finding all the real life options lacking. Until she runs into her high school sweetheart—the one who left her for the Army. The old spark is definitely still alive, but the man carries far more scars than the boy.
A second chance to save each other
When Paisley becomes the target of malicious harassment, the police have no suspects, no leads, no way to make her feel safe. As her stalker escalates, she turns to the one guy she knows can protect her. Ty’s determined to put a stop to the harassment, even if it means moving in with the woman who’s so much more than the girl he used to love. He just has to remember to guard his own heart in the process.

RELEASE DATE: March 19, 2021

NEW to me author and books. I actually was going through the PR sign up’s and I read the blurb to this and really liked it. Thank you for my ARC.

Paisley and Ty really captivated me from the beginning, their loyalty and the love to one another (makes you only dream about it) and then of course I got broken when it all broke so to say. When Paisley dreamed of forever Ty was battling something bigger. Many years late and Paisley is still the same girl now a woman but can’t deny her heart for Ty. Ty on the other had is the same boy now a man but with even bigger darkness he is battling with himself. I don’t want to spoil anything so I won’t say too much but these two truly will break you and mend you and in the process you will be captivated with each page.

I am always honest with my reviews, as much as this may have been great to read the style is not something I would want to pursue further as in more books by the author. It’s not bad just my preference, I can always tell where I will go on from reading a NEW to me author. I do wish the author the best of course.

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

Romance: ♡♡♡
Steamy: 🔥🔥🔥
Triggers: NA
Standalone/Series: Standalone
Type: All Tags on top of this page!
Recommended: ☑

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