R E V I E W ➠ The Rebel by Kendall Ryan

(Looking to Score #1)

I never thought I’d see her again.
We shared one hot night together back in college before our paths took us in different directions.
But now, the most brilliant and beautiful woman I’ve ever met is back in my life. And the chemistry I remember? It’s more combustible than ever.
Except…our fling is forbidden and must exist only in secret. Her rules, not mine.
I can’t be her forever. I’m not that guy, and even she knows it.
But I can’t stay away from her either. I’m determined to claim not just her body but her heart, even if that’s the one thing she’s vowed not to give me.

RELEASE DATE: March 30, 2021

Not my first read by the author and I have read enough to know her writing style. So this one too me by surprise because her heroines tend to me what I like, this one NO GO on the heroine I am sorry I tried everything, I stopped reading then came back the next day and tried again, I equally disliked her. And yes it may have gotten a little better towards the end as always but something about this heroine pulled me the wrong way. Enough to where I don’t think I will be reading the other books in this series. Like I said I was really surprised that I did not like a Kendall Ryan heroine. I guess snot every book is for everyone!

This is a common book I would say. Not in a bad way necessarily just I have read this plot style and trope so much that it blended in with the rest. It was rather predictable with some twist and turns I didn’t see coming. The heroine is the new owner of her late-grandfathers hockey team, one where her ex is also part of. So that’s where my dislike came in a lot, to the heroine she had a happy and great relationship with her ex, there wasn’t much and she could say about him. Aside of course from what he did to end it all. That just rubbed me the wrong way. The hero actually is not part of a sport at all, but the new security service that the heroine now needs being the new owner and a lot of people not agreeing. To me the hero was running after the heroine like a little puppy, nothing she did was wrong in his eyes and well me not liking her turned me off fully. I don’t mind a hero pinning for the heroine but when it’s this style it’s not MY style. That’s all I am going to say, because I really don’t want anyone to get discouraged, maybe this style is something that you enjoy. Either way, towards the ending I really enjoyed it.

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Romance: ♡♡♡
Steamy: 🔥🔥
Triggers: NA
Standalone/Series: Book 1 in Series
Type: All Tags on top of this page!

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