R E V I E W ➠ Perfect Risk (Mason Creek) by C.A. Harms

(Mason Creek #1)

Mason Creek, Montana is my home. It always has been and truth is, there is no place like it.
I can hide away in a big city, pretend as if I’m not drowning. I can ignore the sadness inside my heart that is begging for a change. But if I’m being honest, my sense of belonging has disappeared. I thought I wanted the big city life, the fast track and all the glamorous things. Turns out, there’s nowhere I’d rather be than home.
Coming back to help run my mom’s business gave me the perfect escape.
But there is one problem.
An unresolved past has a way of haunting anyone. Things can sure get complicated when the man that broke your heart all those years ago is now your new landlord.
It may get a little messy, I may regret my decision to stay…
But then again, this might just be the Perfect Risk.

RELEASE DATE: April 8, 2021

This is a NEW to me author, and I really wanted to five into this world and I am so glad I gave this a shot. The author did a fantastic job of it being the first and it has me wanting more!

I pretty much loved everything about this, from both the H & H! This is a 2nd chance, the two have a past that involves a prom and a terrible senior year for the Heroine. She hightails it out of the small town as soon as she could, to go out and be happy in the BIG CITY. When she realized how much she really never wanted that bug city, it’s in a unfortunate time that she also was already heading back to her hometown because her mother broke her hip. When she comes back she didn’t even think that she would run into Wyatt, the bot who not only broke her heart but humiliated her. The bot she remembers is now a man, a totally different man. Having been gone through his own horrible years after making a huge mistake, Wyatt is instantly smitten with Sadie. Sadie sticks it to him good I will say, that was the fun part and after that EVERYTHING WAS SO SWOONY!!!!!! I can’t wait to read more, now I wish I had read this a little slower because it’s something I will be coming back to re-read in the future!

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Romance: ♡♡♡
Steamy: 🔥🔥🔥
Triggers: NA
Standalone/Series: Book 1 of 12 in Mason Creek Series
Type: All Tags on top of this page!
Recommended: ☑ HIGHLY ☑

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