Welcome to E PHOTOGRAPHY where I offer and will be offering more to come COVER MODELS including Teaser shots! This is all NEW to me but I had the honor of doing my very first shoot with an amazing Model & look forward to more. I will be featuring Male, Female and Couples to come.

$155 Per Photo
$295 Set (2 Photos)
$45 Per Teaser Photo (Currently: NO Teasers Available)
Payments: Paypal Only Currently (email payment info:

How to purchase:
Photos will contain a certain # that you will need to provide when purchasing. Obviously I do not have a website yet where it can be done instantly, but I will be basing this by first come first serve VIA EMAIL! Once the photo(s) have been chosen, they will show a NOW AVAILABLE below it.
PLEASE EMAIL: with the Photo’s # in the subject line.

*Note: All photos belong to E PHOTOGRAPHY Boise, Idaho. Please do not share outside of source. All photos contain watermarks. Original photos purchased will be clear. Additional Photos may be uploaded at a later time.

FRONT/BACK & TEASER PHOTOS (All Photos are Exclusive)
*Author Cover Designers: All photos can be edited, cropped, filtered and added onto blank background.

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