R E V I E W ➠ The Aristocrat by Penelope Ward


The one that got away. Every girl has one, right?
Mine was a charming, British aristocrat who turned my world upside down one summer.
From the moment I first spotted Leo in the distance through my binoculars, I’d been captivated. I certainly never expected to find a man showering outside of the property across the bay in his birthday suit.
Then I noticed his housemate staring back at me with binoculars of his own—watching me watching Leo.
That made for an interesting conversation starter when I inevitably ran into them.
Turned out, the handsome Brits were only renting that house for the summer in my seaside town.
Leo and I formed an instant connection, even though we were technically opposites by all appearances. I taught him how to dig for clams, and he taught me that not all wealthy and powerful guys are pretentious.
Despite knowing he was totally wrong for me, I couldn’t seem to stay away.
It was a wild and crazy few months. And before I knew it, we’d fallen in love.
We both had one wish: more time together.
But Leo had obligations back home. He lived a life I’d never fit into. And I was going to law school. So, we decided to end it and never look back.
A part of me always felt like I’d let my soulmate walk away.
I believed our story was over.
Until five years later when he sent me a letter that shook me to my core.
I’d thought my world was turned upside down that first summer?
Well, I knew nothing yet.

RELEASE DATE: August 30, 2021

Not my first read by the author but may be my last. Uuuuh, I am so disappointed and mad I had to write this review first before I did anything else. This is all in a personal preference in books and story styles, but this one absolutely contained everything I disliked. This also was really hard for me to write because I always do HONEST REVIEWS and this hurts equally for me too especially when it’s a favorite author, but I am true to my heart and feelings and reviews so honesty is what you will always find in them, no matter how hard they are to write or say.

Now I will not be able to explain the WHY because it would fully spoil the whole book so it makes it even more harder to write this. I will say that I gave this a 3 instead of 2 star because of Sig the Hero’s cousin (actually wish he has a book instead, even if the ending may be not something anyone would want, I would have enjoyed it more I think.) My issue with this book is that in contained a number one pet peeve of mine as well as dislike. It’s one thing to have a book relate to real life but another when it’s more like a real life, things I IN REAL LIFE stay away from and dislike very much. Hence my personal preference dislikes. Let me say dislike one more time, I am so angry because I love this author I do but lately I think I just need to pull myself back. I have been giving it chances I really have but I guess it’s only fair to the author and myself that I move on because it doesn’t seem like it will change. So basically my whole Sunday is now ruined after all this because I am mad and sad at the same time. Needless to say, I might come back after the book releases and list my dislikes and the reasons so someone who reads my review understands that for some it may be something they enjoy but for someone who doesn’t like this sort of deal, all it does is make me hate read and end up hating in this care THE HERO. I will say that Sig, oh my little heart, I love him and well what he did…forever a hero! I will wait a few days after release to come back and actually post the WHY below!

Here is my issue with this book: the hero and heroine actually meet and hit it off, I fell in love with them together. It has a shocking end and then fast forward 5 years. The hero ends up marrying someone else, and it’s a true marriage, fast one but still true. The heroine isn’t my issue in all this until the end, but to me she just kind of went with the flow whatever the hero decided to do in the life changes. My biggest issue is the fact that when they see each other again, he jumps to her but yet is actually still fully married to someone else. Even if his wife knows the history of the heroine and how he was still in love with her when they married. The fact that they were married and moved on in a sense, drove me FUCKING NUTS when he just jumped after the heroine. To me that’s a real life drama BS i would avoid and hate to hear about and DISLIKES in all senses. I don’t care if you are in love with someone else you dedicated your life and marriage to one person and to me that’s cheating even if the hero doesn’t jump to the heroine when he sees her again and they have sex. To me this was the worse kind of cheating. The fact that the hero after “some time” gets a divorce with his wife, it’s only because he wants to let her go to find the love that she deserves. To me that’s a coward was to leave someone just because you want to be with another person. I wanted to burn the hero, and was disgusted with him in every way. Everything after that, the heroine being like a doormat to me, playing along with whatever…it just went down hill and i ended up skip reading the end of it knowing how much I was going to hate it. So that is why the star rating which honestly if I could go without giving it any stars like not having to rate it star wise and just write a review, would be better.

And Penelope if you ever see this or read it, know that I truly have been a huge fan of yours from your first book, but am very sad to have to part with your books, and I know you can’t write books that everyone loves and this is something coming from you so I’m not mad about that, I guess I am just disappointed in the situation that I have to part…but the good news at least, I can always still re read your books again that are safe for me 🙁

Rating: 3 out of 5.

Romance: ♡♡
Steamy: 🔥
Triggers: All Personal Dislikes
Standalone/Series: Standalone
Type: All Tags at bottom of this page!

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