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[CLOSED!] GIVEAWAY: Holiday Passionflix Giveaway!!

Hello everyone!
I have decided to share the love a bit with PASSIONFLIX which is the most amazing show that is turning our favorite romance novels into movies and series. ROMANCE ON DEMAND as they say! So, I have come up with something sweet since we just had a new movie come out this month & so many more at the beginning of the year! With that said, here are the rules:


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[CLOSED] EXCLUSIVE Cover Reveal + Author Interview + GIVEAWAY- Dangerous Temptation by Kelly Elliott and Kristin Mayer

Mike Murphy is the new cop in town.
He makes me crazy in all the right ways.

So crazy that I lose mt filter around him, not to mention by ability
to function like a normal person.

The attraction between us is undeniable and something we can’t

But there’s a secret that threatens to come between us. When we
uncover more than we should, things become dangerous.

Will we be able to walk away, or will the quest to find the truth be
too tempting?

Release Date: September 30, 2019

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Author Interview

What/who inspired you to start writing and when?

Kristin: My father inspired me to start writing. I was an avid reader and wrote a ton as a child. One weekend when visiting him, he said I should start writing. And that was how my journey began.

Kelly: I was around 15 when I knew I wanted to write. I’d already been in love with reading, then after reading Pride and Prejudice, I knew I had to write. Just took me awhile to actual follow that dream!

What type of books do you write?

Kristin: Romantic suspense and romantic comedy are the genres I love to write. It’s rewarding to receive messages about a scene that made a reader laugh or be surprised about a turn in the plot.

Kelly: Mostly contemporary romance, toss in a bit of comedy, a dash of suspense here and there to keep things fun! I’ve written historical in the past and plan to in the future as well. I’m mostly known for the small town, western romance books I write though.

Who is your favorite author & book?

Kristin: That is like asking me to name a favorite star in the sky. Impossible to pick. Haha! 

Kelly: Jane Austen, Pride and Prejudice.

Tell us a little about yourself please?

Kristin: I love to live life to the fullest and make the most out of each day. Life should be an adventure. My most favorite things are socks and ketchup because ketchup can make anything better. Haha!

Kelly: I’m a mom to an almost 20 year-old daughter, a wife to my best friend, I love birds, my two pups, my four dogs, and the endless amount of wildlife we have in our backyard. I love reading, gardening, and just being blessed with another day. My perfect day would be a fall day, fire going, and a book in my hands.

Best advice for someone wanting to write a book?

Kristin: Tell the story you want to write and stay true to yourself.  

Kelly: Don’t get lost in the “re-reading” cycle. Get your first draft all down on paper…then go back and tweak it. It’s your story so only you can tell it. And don’t be afraid to publish it.


What was the inspiration for Dangerous Temptations?
Honestly, the book started off as something entirely different that Kristin and I had planned. We started the book a few years back, then left it. After we wrote Play Me, I think we just got to talk about this book, we tweaked it some and born was Dangerous Temptations.

Who are the characters based off of?
They aren’t based off of anyone in particular. Each character has traits of us laced into their core to create the dynamic you experience.  

How did the writing process go?
We build off of each other. It’s fun and almost magical when we start the process. We take turns on our chapters and see where our fingers take us. Sometimes it’s a surprise.  
I’ll add to what Kristin said above, we each take ownership of the characters. In this book. Kristin wrote Sydney’s POVs and I wrote Mike’s POVs. It’s a method we have down and works for us. It’s fun to see where the book takes us as each one of us takes turns at it.

Can you tell us more about the book?
 This book is completely different from Play Me. It’s a romantic comedy and you are sure to laugh out loud, but there is a bit of suspense thrown in. A twist of historical facts that will leave you on the edge of your seat!

What is something in the book, about the book..story, characters…that you can tell us no one knows about?
Maggie May is based on a real boxer puppy that is George’s best friend. 


Now that we have the good stuff out, here is something even more GOOD-ER that’s a word right?! How about a SIGNED PAPERBACK from BOTH the ladies? Oh yeah, not only is the cover beautiful but so is the story!

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GIVEAWAY TIME! [CLOSED, winner COMMENTED BACK TO & contacted!] Thank you everyone!!

Hello everyone, so because I have already seen what is inside the YA BOOKWORM BOX for the month of August, I am wanting to share the love.

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If you didn’t get the chance to catch me going LIVE that’s okay, I will try and do more of them! I am always up for helping out & enjoying this ROMANCE COMMUNITY! Which by the way R O C K S!


  • Everyone wants to know HOW i got my big following?!

A: Honestly, it all kind of went fast and started off crazy for me. I had already a lot fo friends that started following my bookstagram page, then I did my first giveaway involving FIFTY SHADES and BOOM is sky rocketed, then stopped. So I stayed active and up kept with all the releases & grew myself so to say. It’s a combo of STAYING ACTIVE, HASHTAGS, BIG Author’s Following Me & G I V E A W A Y S or being part of them!!

  • Why did you start your bookstagram?

A: In all honestly, I guess I wanted a new hobby, something to keep me busy and interested. I have already been reading since 2010 and did just that read and some times write a review but mostly I just enjoyed reading. I guess with being a photographer my brain kicked in that I would find joy in this. Reading & taking photos WHAT A GREAT COMBO for me!

  • How long have I been doing Photography?

A: Since 2010 I started off with Nature then morphed into People Photography and when I started with books I realized I enjoyed it as much! I guess it’s kind of like a bike cycle, once you learn you ALWAYS know! No, I have never taken a photography course in my life, aside from reading about the features and lenses which mainly came form word-to-mouth that’s it.

  • Where do I come from?

Not america! 😉 I was born in Bosnia but moved from Germany to the states many moons ago.


Now the book I chose was very easy for me because, I have already read it & the colors were something I know how to work with! Now, here is some before/after and info in between pictures.

Now this was taken with my phone (Samsung Note 9) & is un-edited! Notice how I put the props. You want to get it all in one shot but showcase everything!
EDITED version. Now I can’t give out A L L my secrets (p.s. play around and google for apps!) but this is my SIGNATURE edit & if you notice the difference of course, the colors.



The thing about photography is that unless you really are INTO it and understand it, me talking about the depth and features wont matter. Just know that the reason some of my photos look the way they do it because of the BOOK, PROPS, DEPTH, LENS, LOCATION & lighting! There is a lot that goes into my photography, I can’t help it to be honest I JUST LOVE TAKING PHOTOS! Don’t get me wrong there are days that I DO NOT FEEL IT and I refuse to even JUST take a photo because it’s not me!


ALL THAT SAID, LETS DO A GIVEAWAY! The giveaway will be hosted on my INSTAGRAM & there is a twist, want to enter? C L I C K – H E R E

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